South Park styled art

  • I made a few South Park styled drawings on Gimp, Inkscape and other programs.

    The first drawing is the official cover art for my South Park fan series named Middle Park, it showcase the five main characters of the series that happen to be nine year old female children that swear a lot, i made the characters on Inkscape and Autodesk Sketchbook, i also put the characters and the background together on Pixlr.

    The second drawing is my first fully drawn art on Gimp, sure, the hair of my fan character Melissa looks blurry and the background it’s kinda distracting(i found it on Google images), but at least i tried and yeah, i started to use Gimp again, yay!

    The third drawing looks better than the first two, it feature the dirt-obsessed tomboy Cassie and her beauty-obsessed girly girl twin Jane, two of the main characters from my upcoming fan series of comics named Middle Park, however, their hairs are also a bit blurry(not as much as Melissa’s hair, though), but i’m still new to Gimp and it tools.

    This is my personal favorite, i made this art on Gimp as well and i found the background on DeviantArt(Art by Martin-SP) and it was based on a dream that i had with the Broflovski Brothers a few months ago, it’s a genuinely very sweet drawing.

    What do you think? Any thoughts or advices?

  • Good work, I like them!

    Two ideas regarding the blurry hair:

    1. There should be an option for your paint tool that's called "hardness". Set it to 100% to avoid blurry edges. But if the picture is very small this might not be enough.

    2. A trick I use for more accuracy is to enlarge the picture by at least 200% (not just zooming - change the actual size of the picture). Usually it's easier then to work with the paint tools and they become less blurry. Of course everything else gets a bit blurry, but that's not important because you will change the size back after you are finished.

  • how do you change the size of the picture on Gimp?