TV Quiz: Characters from "Star Trek - The Next Generation"

  • Maybe you don't accept cosplayers. - Although I myself am not a cosplayer, I think everybody who feels like consplaying should have the right to do so! :-P

    But you're right about Tasha Yar. - Mmm ... who could be next, maybe her?

  • (Just a quick note: I do accept cosplayers, I am myself one, but I was talking about that you don't make pictures of star trek from the show based on genderbend cosplayers)

  • I didn't eplicitly exclude them. But as the official characters already seem to be hard to guess, looking for a certain cosplayer would be a bit of a stretch. - Or are there cosplayers popular enough to be recognized who are deeply connected to a specific character they portray?

  • Don't worry, this quiz isn't finished yet! But the supply of well-known Next Generation characters is slowly but inevitably running out. Now I'd like to know, if there would be any interest in a quiz based on other TV shows or movies. Maybe there's something, you find even more thrilling than Star Trek?

  • I think, after more than a month I should reveal the secret of the last Next Generation character: It's Ro Laren. Maybe she isn't popular enough.

    The next character was mainly involved when crew members had to get beamed to a planet. Later he moved to a spin-off series where he got more opportunities to show his technical skills. Who remembers him?