Favorite games of 2018

  • It's pretty dusty around here, so why not start a new topic. Since it's still January we could share some recommendations about video games. What were your favorites from the last year?

    My two top games of 2018 were Into the Breach (by the developers of FTL) and Return of the Obra Dinn (by the developer of Papers, Please).

    I never played a lot of round based tactic games before, and I don't even know why. So I tried Into the Breach... and was instantly hooked! It feels like the perfect gameplay and UI for me. Easy to learn and difficult to master. You always know why you lost and unlike FTL it never felt unfair. I played through every achievements (well... I skipped 2 boring ones) and had a lot of fun, so it's highly recommended!

    An even smaller game I loved was Return of the Obra Dinn. Created by just one guy it's a paranormal whodunnit with an unusal historical setting. And the black and white look is a fresh take on retro style (here's a trailer). Do you know these "logical" riddles? It works very similar to them and you will most likely need pen and paper to solve everything. But it was the perfect game for long winter evenings.

  • I'm a very patient gamer, so this year I mainly got into TellTale (RIP) and OverWatch...

    Though my favourite game of last year has to be PS4 Spider-Man:

    The best superhero game outside of the Arkham games and getting an older Peter Parker was such a breath of fresh air.

  • I think Super Smash Bros Ultimate was my favourite game of 2018. It's the perfect Smash Bros game, though I think I'll always have a soft spot for Brawl.

    Also, Clone Hero is a really good freeware Guitar Hero clone, if that counts. The first build came out in 2017, but 2018 is where they started adding some of the big features like score saving and lyric support.

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