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    They must have fired some really talented writers.

    With the exception of Major Boobage from season 12 (co-written by Matt Stone), Trey Parker has written every word of every episode for the last fourteen years.

  • They have a team of animators, all under Trey and Matt's leadership. But Trey does all the writing and directing (and many of the voices) himself and has done for most of the show's run.

  • Being a creative consultant isn't really the same as being a writer though. Obviously on occasion he'll have chewed the fat over episodes with people (Matt Stone being first and foremost of these) but according to the official credits at least, Trey is the sole author of almost every episode since the first few seasons.

  • I think it's a situation in which Trey and Matt have the initial idea for an episode and then they discuss it in the "writer's room" and come up with different scenes and jokes together. Trey then writes the first draft of the script (with all the input that came from the others), they discuss it together and change it until the final version. From what I have seen and heard about this process it seems like a lot of team work, but in the end it is Trey who still does the final writing.

    By the way: I was very surprised about this articlde today:
    We watched David O’Reilly's short film "The external World" ( at our last annual South Park fan meeting - what a coincedence! :D I really like his work. He also worked on "Adventure time", "Her" and made a video game that's called "The Mountain" (more a piece of art than a real game).

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