South Park

  • What are your favourite episode or charakter?
    Or what do you think abou the newest episode?

    I wil start. I can't say I have a favourite eposode...I like nearly all.
    My favorite charater is Randy. I like that crazy stuff.

  • I definitely like Cartman the best, and my favourite episodes are imaginationland I , II & III

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  • favorite episode has gotta be "Grey Dawn" (OLD PEOPLE ARE DRIVING!!!!!) :lol: I love that one. xD
    Favorite character? Definately Stan. :D

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  • Deffinietly Kenny. His deaths are hilarious.


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    Tochter aus Elysium!
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    Deine zauber binden wieder
    Was die Mode streng geteilt;
    Alle Menschen werden Brüder,
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  • Favourite quotes?

    "Maybe there is a way out of this. But we’re going to have to throw Eric Cartman under the bus."
    "How do we do that?"
    "We get a bus, and then we throw Eric Cartman under it."


  • Quote from Jabels

    Favourite quotes?

    "Maybe there is a way out of this. But we’re going to have to throw Eric Cartman under the bus.
    "How do we do that?"
    "We get a bus, and then we throw Eric Cartman under it."

    This was great :)

  • South Park... my favorite show of course :).

    I started to watch it when it started on German tv in 1999. After the first one or two seasons I did not want to wait so long for new episodes, so I downloaded the English ones. Back at that time this meant crappy 14MB Real Player files which took hours to download :D. Soon I realized the German version sucked. Our voices sounded like adults compared to Trey and Matt's fantastic work, the songs were terrible and they even censored things. On the other hand they wanted to be attractive to a teenage audience and so they used more swear words than the original version. A big mess. The reputation of South Park was not the best around here. The German dubbing of the newer seasons got better because they try to be true to the original version now, but I still don't watch them.

    Favorite seasons / episodes: I don't prefer the old or new ones. South Park has changed in many ways, but I like the whole evolution of this show. I enjoy "Pink Eye" as much as "Trapper Keeper", "Kenny's Dead" or "the Coon". But my favorite episode of all time is "Scott Tenorman must die" because it is just perfect.
    Sometimes it annoys me if there are too many celebrities in a season, but for example I really like what they did in the Britney Spears episode which was not just another attack on her but a statement about our role as a member of the audience.

    Favorite characters: Kenny, Jesus, the mole.

    Favorite songs:

    • Film - La Resistance
    • 801 - Let's fighting Love
    • 713 - Cigarettes
    • 1412 - You and Cthulhu
    • Film - Little boy
    • 301 - Rainforest end song (GGWK)
    • Film - It's easy, mmmkay (Mr Mackey)
    • 1305 - Kanye West - Gay Fish
    • 613 - Lemmiwinks
    • 603 - Montage
    • 513 - The heat of the moment (Cartman)
    • 1113 - Carry on my wayward Son (Randy)
    • 709 - I love you Jesus (Faith+1)
    • 417 - The Circle of Poo (Mr Hankey)
    • 1310 - Be a Wrestler

    What makes South Park so special to me is how it had a big influence in my life. I started my website because of it, started to learn Flash, created and my German South Park forum, organized the annual fan meetings where I met my husband, decided to work as a freelance because of the success of it's crazy how a show I don't even work for changed my life.

  • my fav episodes are
    1.Simpsons did it first
    2.Professor Chaos
    3.Scott tenorman must die
    4.kenny dies (it made cry (im sad :( ))

    my fav characters are, kenny, butters and tweek
    fav quote: "we killed our teacher by putting our semen in her coffee."


    Would you kindly head to Ryan's office and kill the son of a bitch?

  • hi im new here so be nice lol the funniest episode iv seen has to be SP is Gay god i was in tears laughing at that my favorout characters are Kenny and Kyle the saddest episiod was Kenny dies it was becouse he wasent coming back well for a while anyway i also still have my old SP toys that sit on my bed i have a talking Kenny and Chef and Mr Hanky thats stuffed in with xmas decs and a Kyle im looking to get the Metrosexuel Kyle and kenny their so cute

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    I can't belive I haven't brought this up before, commentaries! The mini commentaries Matt and Trey do are fucking hysterical!!!

    Oh yeah, they're pretty damn good. I Just wish they were longer, but that would probably ruin the novelty of them.