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    Really? Wow, I was laughing my head off, especially at the adverts with that guy on. Damn, maybe I like South Park so much I find everything funny? Then again, I HATE Stanleys Cup...

    could bee...

    about stanlys cup, yea its a sad episode...

    to all: Whats your fav episode of the last season?

    as always its difficult for me to find a fav. I cant make a choice between: T.M.I :thumbup: , the last of the memecans :) , brodway bro down: this episode made us laughing our ass off :lol::lol::lol: ... we watched it in lunchbreak at school. ;)

    whats your fav(s)?

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    to all: Whats your fav episode of the last season?

    Easily Funnybot, You're Getting Old,and Ass Burgers...

  • yeah funnybot... >the germans are the unfunnyest of the world...< :whatever:
    but the matrix parody in your getting old was good. and ass burgers. ehat about humancentipad? i think it was funny but it also was... scary... :scared: did you read the agreement?

  • I dont know whats going on with you guys, but where I live the new south park is on in a few minutes!! :excited:
    It better be funnier then cash for gold, that was the worst episode in a while.

  • The new episode was pretty funny. It is simple to make jokes out of Internet memes, because you know most internet geeks will love them ;). But I enjoyed the jokes anyway. They showed how silly most of those memes are, how fast they get old and how the media tries to stay up to date.
    So it is my favorite episode of this season so far (I didn't like the first 2 very much), but it still had its flaws. The first half was funny, then it got a bit boring and I did not like the ending. Usually I like songs in South Park, but this was just stupid. Why did they need the political debate anyway? And what's about Butters? The whole ending felt kind of uninspired.

    Regarding the last season: I really liked "You're getting old", because it dealt with South Park itself. It was a very honest and touching comment on the state of the show. I hoped they would REALLY change some things after this episodes though.
    Oh, and I liked "Royal Pudding", because it was so crazy. The wedding was SO funny! :) But unfortunately the ending and the whole Mr. Mackey story weren't as good as the beginning.

  • the new episode was clearly the funnies in the current season. Lets hope the seasond holds the trend to get better and better.

    Just One thing is a bit... I dont know if the fact that Cartman beliefs jewish traditions fits. I would be happy if Eric and Kyle are REAL friends for a few episodes. But if this will stay so, south park will lose one of its elementar things...
    But it was a good episode and gets 7/10 points.

  • I LOVED Butterball! Best episode for a long time :D.
    It had so many scenes I enjoyed and I think they did an excellent job in dealing with this topic. The toilet scenes were funny. And the little bullied girl. Butters, Stan and Kyle had some touching scenes. Great music. And I am glad Jesus showed up again! :D

    By the way...

  • I liked it too.
    as Janina sayed; the best scenes were the toilet-room-conversations, especially Jesus and Butters speech to his grandma.

    my rating: 7/10

  • Finding it really hard to track down most of this season. Because of the weird hours I work I always miss it on TV so I've always watched it streamed off the internet, but the American government's recent clampdowns have ruined most of the good sites ( even has Trey & Matt's blessing to share all episodes for free, but the latest season isn't on there). >( So far I've only managed to see "Reverse Cowgirl" and "Jewpacabra", none of the others are anywhere to be found.

  • you know you can watch all episodes for free on, Caribou. ;)

  • really? In germany the US site is also blocked, but we have our own (.de) do you dont have an .uk-one?
    you could try to enter the german site were the episodes are also avaiable in english.

  • All regional versions of southparkstudios are blocked in the UK and Ireland, apart from the version which hasn't had full episodes (just a few short clips) for several years now. It was never a problem before, a quick bit of Googling would always turn up a working mirror somewhere even on the rare occasions when the version on was down. But thanks to all the recent copyright clampdowns, it's VERY hard to find new episodes in the UK without torrenting. Which is ridiculous, since these episodes have already been shown on British TV so I've already technically paid to see them. If they were shown on terrestrial channels rather than Comedy Central they'd all still be on the iPlayer or whatever. >(

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    Caribou: Why don't you try taping the new episodes?

    a good way too... :)

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    Caribou: Why don't you try taping the new episodes?

    Most of my free time is in the middle of the night when my housemates are asleep, so I'd much rather watch them on my laptop with headphones than on our big, loud TV in the front room which is the only way I could record them. I could record them and get around to watching them at some point, but it's just Extra Hassle That I Never Had Before so I'm being grumpy about it. ;)

    That said, the site Till linked seems to work (at least for the time being) so I'll catch up tonight. Thanks Till! I wonder why that site's never shown up on Google for me.

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