The Hunger Games

  • Sup guys,
    I want to know about what you thounght about the book and the movie. I saw the movie today an Loved it :love::love: my rating 3/4 stars because the put in and took away stuff from the movie
    post a reply please

    Chuck Norris can't breath underwater....water wouldn't dare to take oxygen from Chuck Norris
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  • Not seen it yet, although I did read this alarming article earlier today. Not the movie's fault of course, but Jesus some people are horrific.

    Also we can't have a thread about Hunger Games without someone posting this, so it might as well be me:


  • I have to admit I never heard about the books before the movie came out. It sounds interesting (I am a big Battle Royale fan ;)), but I think I will wait for the DVD release.

  • i also never heard of it, before the movie was there. Some of my friends say "awesome" and some "god-damn-shit"
    I also not like much Im about to read the book (in english) but ist not so exiting (chapter 2... :zzz:)

  • just read the book and i think its amazing
    i agree with dr sleep about the "new twilight" as a lot of fangirls love it (if i hear one more person saying they are on "team peeta" im going to shoot somebody)