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    Actually Caribou if you dig deeper from some reports the origin of the story is from Cosmicbooknews in the same articele they claimed that Mark Strong would return as Sinestro. Also in the report they say Matt Damon will play Aquaman or Martian Manhunter. So Bryan Cranston could play Lex but for now its just a false story.



    what do you think about this shit let me know I'm very intrested

    In some casting news "The Hollywood Reporter" is reporting that Josh Brolin (46) is the early front runner to wear the cape and cowl...the second name on the list is Ryan Gosling (32). I've realized that Josh Brolin is in the middle of a divorce with Diane Lane (Martha Kent in MOS). As always this is Josh keeping you filled in on the Batman news.


    I have some casting news already.....Liam Mcintyre (Spartacus) has expressed interest in playing the new Bats by saying on twitter "Oh my god. So there's going to be a new Batman. It's time to dream big." I personally would be ok with this casting Liam is 32 so hes in the age range and I hear he was very good in the role. The website CosmicBookNews reports that Teen Wolf's Tyler Hoechlin is being heavily considered to dawn the cape and cowl. Ever since the news has gone viral. i have ssen Teen Wolf and i think Tyler has the look of Bruce, He also has those very mysterious eyes. Sound off your opinions down below


    Alright I'm sure many of you have heard about the massive news that Warner brothers is making a Superman/Batman movie I'm so excited but also nervous very much so. The quote they used was from Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns" here is the quote "I want you to remember my hand at your throat. I want you to remember the one man who beat you". My issue is in that moment Bruce has defeated Clark as you can tell, :finger: I don't want to see a physical fight between the 2 giants I want to see a mental fight.

    So I think a mental battle between them could be amazing and we could really deeply explore Clark's emotions about the final battle between him and Zod. Now my pick for Bruce/Batman is Magneto himself Michael Fassbender he is just a perfect actor to take reins from Bale. No.1 he's in the age range Clark is 33 in MOS and Fassbender is 36. Sorry this was so long leave me your options down below I'd love to talk about what everyone thinks. :)

    Hey man, I've added spoiler tags to your post. In the future, just try and make sure you use them when talking about something like this.

    I just got back from Man Of Steel....and I gotta say... I LOVED IT

    Yeah he was that was where I found him an I've been hooked since, Also Jareen if you liked Sloppy Seconds check out

    Tiny glowing screens part 1
    Wounded Healer
    Cardboard Castles

    Let me know what you think :awesome:

    I personally really like a rapper who I'm not sure a lot people know about on YouTube if you look up watsky he is a rapper and a poet and he's totally different he has some really fun to deep songs that I listen to every single day (Listening to him while I type this LOL) I hope you give him a try he does stuff I love check it out

    yeah same here I really hope they can bring Mark Hammil back as the Joker but maybe if they go with a new voice actor
    they can use the changed voice by saying that was a younger voice. Deathstroke is apprently also going to be in the newes installment I hope this game is as good as the others I hope it doesnt turn 2 great games into 2 great games and 1 that sucked

    I have some batman sorta related news I heard that the Man Of Steel teaser trailer will be shown befor The Dark Knight Rises starts. Which I'm super exicted to see

    Sup guys,
    I want to know about what you thounght about the book and the movie. I saw the movie today an Loved it :love::love: my rating 3/4 stars because the put in and took away stuff from the movie
    post a reply please

    @ till yeah I do when I finished the percy jackson series I felt like crying ;o;o but then I found the hunger games so pumped for the movie :):):) Btw my signature is not like i'm emo or stuff...... </ </