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    Hey guys,

    My South Park fan series named Middle Park Twins is going to get a animated mini series!

    But what is the plot of Middle Park Twins?

    Well, it is mostly about identical twin sisters who are complete opposites and they have to deal with their family, school work, drama and friends.

    The mini series is already in development and the main characters "intro" is going to be probably uploaded on next week when the official Middle Park Twin channel will be created as i was able to get the link to download Adobe Animate CC for free, however, i can only download the program after i return from my trip so i hope you understand.

    EDIT: There are two bad news, though:

    1. NO ADULT CHARACTERS! This include The Twins’ parents and the school staff as well, sorry but i want a Peanuts styled animated series with no adults around and a much bigger focus on the kids.
    2. Unfortunately, since I have no way to hire voice actors to my fan series, I’ll have to voice all the characters but there are programs such as Audacity where you can change the pitch of your voice and the fact that most of the characters are female children certainly help matters.

    Credits go to ModestNeko for sharing the link to me and for creating amazing South Park animation tutorials, Hercamiam for creating a great South Park fourth grader base that I’ll be using on my upcoming animations and HunterRuZ for inspiring me to create my own Middle Park fan series.

    DavidSchwarz I’m sorry, I didn’t meant to be demanding with my messages, i just wanted this site to improve, but i ended up being too pushy.

    Janina SP-Studio actually works very well on my iPhone, iPad and Windows laptop despite the constant loading, sorry for saying that it’s not fun to play SP-Studio anymore, i admit i was being a bit harsh.

    The new SP-Studio has a consistent bug: slow loading.

    I’m sorry but the game often takes way too long to load or stops working, this is especially obvious whenever an update gets launched.

    I hope either Janina or Lars fix this issue because it’s not being fun to play SP-Studio with this constant slow loading.

    And I’m not the only one who found this bug, a guy on the South Park Archives wiki and a forum member experienced it as well.

    Is just me or the New SP-Studio is not working on my phone anymore? When i clicked the link of the site on Google Chrome, it took a while to open and when it did, the page started to load forever and the game does not appear.

    At first, i thought it was a just a silly Google glitch, but i tested the site on Safari and the page still incessantly loads, i also checked my internet connection and it seemed fine.

    Is this is a bug?

    I initially wanted to write a post regarding this issue on South Park Archives Discussion, but i was afraid it could get deleted so i decided to post on this site.

    All the South Park 3D Roleplay Roblox games had shitty moderation and were too limited.

    But i have an idea about a new South Park 3D Roleplay game, it would have better moderation, more character customization and racial slurs are forbidden.
    Plus, shipping will be allowed, but moderately.

    You mean like complete new hairstyles or just like the hair extensions but then behind the head. As you sorta can already do that by just moving the tail up

    There are little to no ponytails in the Extra Highlights category, that’s why i asked if it could be possible to add single ponytails and maybe two pigtails in later updates.

    I think single ponytails would fit perfectly into the extra highlights / hair extensions category, because there already is a jedi braid. So this is very likely to be added in the future. :) I like the idea of different braids as well.

    But there will be no new catagories for a loong while because I just reworked the whole category system. No need to do this again soon. Every category has 5 subcategories now (except for the creatures because there are so little of them), and I like how this keeps everything in order. And the extra highlights are a very small category... so it would not make sense to include another small category just for ponytails.

    Yeah, but adding single ponytails(both curly, wavy and straight) in the extra highlight category in the update after launch along with the turn off hair shadow option would be pretty cool, don’t you think?

    I have a idea: the new SP-Studio must have a Ponytail category.

    Although this obviously will not be possible in the launch day, just think about it: A category where you can add lots of straight, wavy and curly ponytails/pigtails to short hairs if people believe that the already existing ponytailed hairs doesn’t fit their OC.

    This would be very cool.