Game of Thrones

  • Any GoT fans here?
    Perhaps someone who hasn't read the books? :D

    I really loved episode 2 of season 4! Not just because of the ending, but there was so much going on and the atmosphere was intense in many scenes. Amazing!

    Not so sure about the most discussed scene in episode 3 though...

    I am looking forward to epsiode 4 now, I hope I will find time to watch it tommorow.

  • There's quite a lot of things about it that annoy me, but all the same I do really enjoy it and I'm pretty much hooked. I generally only watch stuff when it's out on DVD though so I've only seen the first 3 seasons so far. Probably for the best if I avoid this thread for a while; you wouldn't believe the amount of people I've had to unfollow on facebook because they can't help posting spoilers...