Jareen2's Story

  • It was a peacefull day at the world of SPS. Janina got voted again as the female president of the land and fudge was running and Viral behind him to catch fudge.

    Jareen2 walked his house out and friendly greet I<3ShaneDawson who lived next to him. Like anybody else Jareen2 was walking to the festival of souhtpark. Every year there was a festival. But this year was different...

    -more comming soon-

  • cool stuff.

    if you want to see the south park festival take a look at my "our art" gallery. right there above.

    oh please go on its so exyting its eating me up...

  • As normally the parade start and everybody was happy but than. BANG one parade car explode, BANG a other, BANG again a other and so long until every parade car was blown up. Everybody run away from the explosion and Jareen2 tried to resuce fudge and viral who still were running and nothing seems to know about the explosion. When he got them he ran away with them.