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    • Read first. Only open a new topic after you searched for an existing one and read the board rules.
    • No annoying font style. Use the regular font size unless you have something really important to say. If you want to use another color for long text please make sure it does not hurt our eyes.
    • Be friendly. If somebody insults you, you can inform the moderators or admin. We do not censor bad words, but we want you to get along with each other.
    • Show respect for the work of others. Do not steal images, always give credit to the person who created them.
    • Listen to the moderators. If they remind you to follow the rules you should not ignore them, becasue then you might end up banned. And banned members can never come back.
    • Multiple accounts by the same person are a reason for an instant ban. So don't even try it.
    • Try to write in English please. We can only help you if we understand you. This message board is visited by people from around the world, so it's best to talk English.
    • Ask whenever you have a question about the forum rules. We have a whole team of moderators willing to help you. Feel at home! :)

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