um, hi. I'm craig.

  • hi. I'm Craig.
    [Blocked Image:]
    This is really weird. I GO to South Park Elementary, and I just happened to look it up on the computer, and there's a bunch of websites for our school! not just 2 or 3, like 10 or 20! there's a bunch of blogs, and deviant art things, and there is even a wiki page, just for our school! it's really weird... it's almost like someone is following our school around, documenting everything we do!
    this is the weirdest website about us i have come across... i made an exact look alike of me! it's creepy, man.
    like, almost scary. And the weirdest thing is, when your creating a person, the menu guy talks about things like
    'art style' and 'fan page' .
    fan page? why does the most terrible school in the world have a fan-page?
    and art style? what does that even mean? anyone who has ever been to our school knows that our school is made up of the most un-artistic crap-holes in the history of childhood!

    this is a cool website and all, but could someone please explain to me what's going on?

    (ps, stan and wendy :lol: )
    :puke: </

    "Yup, nice and boring. Just the way I like it."

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