Superhero movies not good enough to get their own topic.

  • we have pages for superman, batman, spiderman, the avengers, yada yada yada.
    what about v for vendetta, daredevil and the green hornet?

    ill start with zack snyder's watchmen
    a brilliant graphic novel, its movie was very close to a book and i thought it was brilliant,
    the fx were great, the casting was brilliant and don't get me started on the music...

    the only problem i have is: too much blue dong.
    in the book you didn't see it that often (tables and things covering it up) but it was always seen and kind of distracting. :drop:

  • The two Hellboy films are pretty damn good too, particularly in the visual effects department. I enjoyed the "making of" documentaries on the DVDs almost as much as the films themselves. Guillermo del Toro is nothing less than an absolute visual genius. If his scripts were a little tighter, he'd be up there with the best filmmakers of all time.

    Also, I kinda take issue with the title here. :PMost superhero movies (including some of the ones we already have topics for) are a bit rubbish, but there are quite a few that are way better than anything that's ever been done with some of the "major" superheroes. I mean, out of the big names it's only Batman and (to a much lesser extent) Superman who have had any genuinely great movies made about them, as opposed to just ticking boxes for pre-existing fans.

    (Is this a thread about superhero movies, or just films made from comics in general? I wouldn't really class V or Judge Dredd as superheroes, but if we're talking great films made from comics then Ghost World is the best one I can think of by a very long way. Scott Pilgrim Versus the World and Sin City are both rather good as well. Oh, and Akira, if we're counting Manga. :P )

  • Oh my god, I saw that on TV when I was about six! I'd completely forgotten it existed till just now.

  • I LOVE V for Vendetta. Never read the comic, so the movie was a huge surprise for me. I really like V's "style" ;). Maybe he's so appealing to me because I was a fan of stories like "the three musketeers" as a kid. Swordfighting and expressing yourself elegantly... two very important things! And the hat.
    Natalie Portman and the other actors do great jobs as well. And of course the story is interesting and full of connections to real life.

    When it comes to strange but funny superhero trash-movies I can recommend those:




    Flesh Gordon:

  • i know this isn't a movie but, does anyone know where i can get a dvd of the 60s green hornet show?

  • Doesn't look like it was ever released officially. The IMDb messageboard suggests that legal disputes have left it shelved indefinitely. It's easy enough to find people selling bootlegs, such as here, but I've no idea about that site or seller's credentials; it's just something I found through a quick bit of Googling.

  • Favourite Superhero Movie: The Dark Knight

    Least Favourite Superhero Movie: Spider-man 3

    Favourite Superhero: Batman

    Favourite Anti-Hero: Rorschach

    Favourite Villain: Bane