guilty pleasures

  • we all have them..
    favourite films, tv shows, music and books
    and here is were to come clean with it all!!

    ill start;


    charlie and the chocolate factory (the tim burton one)
    green lantern
    star wars prequels
    x-men origins: wolverine
    spiderman 3
    the rocketeer (which is actually my fav film)

    tv shows:

    american dad (i think it is better that family guy)
    the batman (the 2000s batman show)
    come fly with me (the bombed show after little britain)
    cherry healiy documentries
    im a celebrity get me out of here!!
    cooking shows (e.g. cake boss, ace of cakes and man v food)


    chameleon circuit

  • This is a topic about things that you like but don't really want anyone else to find out because it may be embarrassing.

    For example, I have a guilty pleasure:

    I enjoy watching Soap Operas.
    They are so dumb but I gotta say, it's a good time killer. :)