The Hobbit

  • Don't know if any of you fine people are Tolkien fans, but i made a topic anyways...
    So yeah, I just got my tickets to the premiere and tickets to a LOTR marathon. Can't wait. Also, what do you think about 48 fps? And the fact that it's split into three movies.

  • I love the Lord of the Ring movies, so I am looking forward to the Hobbit as well :). And I think it's good to have another trilogy if Jackson feels like there is enough story to fill those three movies.
    Oh... and another fact why I have to this movie is Martin Freeman. I think he is doing great in Sherlock and want to see him in another role now. He seems to be a fitting choice.

    I am not sure sure about the 48 fps ting... Are the trailers 48 fps already? I would like to test how it looks like before I watch a whole movie, because I react very sensitive to movies that "look strange". I don't want to feel akward while watchting it. On the other hand Jackson sayd: "Iit is much easier to watch."

  • ok, first, I love the Lord of the Rings. And watching all three movies in a row might be very good for your eyes, but hell yea...
    But there are two things:
    Three movies? I thought it should be two??? I think thats a bit toooooo much...
    and second thing: whats 48 fps? Could anyone explain?

  • Peter Jackson shot, at least the first two, Hobbit films at 48fps (frames per second), instead of the standard 24. The way people describe the look of it is that it looks like this ultra smooth BBC soap opera. It doesn't look like your watching a movie, it looks like you're on the set with them, which personally, I feel like it takes away that "movie magic" feel. Just because it's bigger, doesn't mean it's better, but I still want to see the films none the less. I never saw the original trilogy in theaters so I'm stoaked to finally see Middle Earth on the big screen.

  • I like Tolkien's Middle Earth so much... (just see my nickname... :] )
    I liked Peter Jackson's movie interpretation... but just for the recreation of the Middle Earth and the characters. What he made to the history in some chapters could be defined as 'blasphemy'. >(
    I understand that it isn't easy to translate the book to a movie and watching the appendices of the special editions I've known why they did what they did... But I have also read Tolkien's published letters (The Letters of J. R. R. Tolkien, 1981) and knew Tolkien's fear about movie adaptions (Disney was after it and he denied it) and his perfectionism... so I'm sure that he wouldn't be satisfied with Peter Jackson's version. :nono:

    An now 'The Hobbit': Jackson has set on the money-making-machine... again... and, does anyone who had read 'The Hobbit' think that it gives matter to a couple of movies?... and now three? I expect a great spectacle, a great action movie... but not a canonical version of 'The Hobbit'.
    I won't go the theatre to see them (as I did with LOTR). I'll wait.

    About the 48 fps... I just can say what I have read... and it's almost what AdePalma has wrote. If it really looks like the BBC TV productions... it really kills all the magic.... But there are who says that it's looks like reallity... :???:
    And the technical connotations: How to project in 48 fps with the ordinary film projectors? Should this be only to digital ones? We can also assume that for DVD it should be used the normal 24 fps (really 25; TV and video in the PAL system)...

  • As I suspected in the last post, the 48 fps projection is limited by the movie projectors in the theatres:

    "Dan Fellman, president of domestic distribution for the film's backer Warner Bros. said the 48 frames version of the movie will screen in only about 450 theaters in the U.S. and Canada (all of which are also 3-D). Event movies like "The Hobbit" typically open in around 4,000 cinemas."…-20121106,0,2734942.story

    Moreover: I have recently read 'The Hobbit' one more time to refresh my memory... and checking it with the cast shown for the three films in IMDB I can't see the po¡nt to include in the film the characters of Legolas, Galadriel, Saruman, The Necromancer, the elven maiden Tauriel... :nono: Tolkien must be rolling over in his grave. :thumbdown:

  • So yeah, I saw i on the 11th night and I liked it a lot, but it had a few problems though. The first thing that comes to mind is the 48 fps, It was really weird to watch. I hated it, but at the same time I loved it. In some shots it just looked... "fake", and It really felt like a soap opera, but at the same time it was amazing to watch. In the end when

    was just amazing. The worst part about the 48 fps though, was that the CGI wasn't very believable. I'm pretty sure that the CGI would look much better in 24 fps. Also, it was a bit tiring to watch sometimes, the scene where

    comes to mind.
    I remember thinking that I hated the look on the dwarves, Some of them looks just really silly:

    They looked much better on screen though, so don't worry about that...
    Anyways, I liked it a lot. The story translated well on screen, though it was a little bit dragged out.
    It's definitely a good start to the new trilogy.

  • Quote from Joker

    (...) I hated the look on the dwarves, Some of them looks just really silly:(...)

    I agree. Some of them are too dwarvish and other ones are too human... :nono:

    (Hey... It's my post number 100! :party::joy::dance: )

  • so, I saw it last Thursday. Unfortunately, it wasn't available with 48 fps. this really disappointed me. And of course, it was also just available in 3D.
    3 hours with this stupid 3D glasses on, really sucks. But I'll say, this time it worth it. 3D is the reason why I don't go to cinema often anymore. And as it's no really big cinema in our town, it doesn't happen very often, theres a film available in 3D & 2D.
    But this time I thought the 3D might be fine. And how I liked it, I was right.
    And I was wondering there wasn't any mentionable added content. (well, actually it was long ago, I read the book.... I'll do it again before part 2)
    I still just wonder how they can turn a book of about 200 sites into 3 movies a la 3 hours. Let's see.

  • Well, Till, at least you CAN watch movies in 3d, I can't, because I'm actually half blind on my left eye, thus I'm unable to register 3d effects. :( But I would enjoy seeing The Hobbit...


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  • I saw it a couple of weeks ago and loved it! The only problem I had was that the start was annoyingly slow, although it picked up drastically once the Waarg riders came along