Julian B. That´s me

  • Hello Sp-studio Community,
    I´m Julian an german student. I life in a small town in Bavaria. I´m 15 years old and in the tenth grade.
    My hobbies are painting, hiking in the mountains, diving and hobby archeology. My interests are Politics an Biology.
    I´m a big fan of southpark and the simpsons. My favourite movies are those that directed by Stanley Kubrik, Star Trek, Star Wars, Alien and many others. At last two pictures of me doing my favourite hobbies:

  • Hi, Julian B.
    I already know you from the german SP Forum, right?
    So, welcome on here and have some fun :)

    If yore interested in archeologie you could talk to Eggyslav. He's studying it.
    You can, if you want, show your drawings in the our art forum and have a look at the ones of other members.

    I hope you'll have some fun here and perhaps we'll see some cool sp-studio pictures by you!

    If you have any questions you can ask me or of course the other mods.

    Greetings, Till

  • in the german forum my username is Gruselfisch. Im not very active there. Im just reading and writing some reviews about the new episodes... and sometimes other stuff.

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