4 Reasons Hollywood Sucks

  • As anyone who's ever seen it will testify, cracked.com is one of the very best sites that the internet has, but I thought this article was brilliant even by their standards. It's a pretty jaded article, sure, but damn if I don't agree with every single word. I mean, I love movies, I went to film school, I have hundreds and hundreds of them on DVD from all periods of cinema history - and yet maybe seven or eight of those were released in the last six years or so.

    I've come to the conclusion that we don't really need Hollywood and the star system anymore. A lot of my favourite films ever have next to nothing in the way of special effects, and since it's been proven time and again that you can make a great film on a shoestring budget, why the hell are people still paying $20,000,000 for one actor to be in their film?

  • Quote from Caribou

    As anyone who's ever seen it will testify, cracked.com is one of the very best sites that the internet has

    i fuckin love you for bringing this up

  • I also don't agree with the article 100%, but damn was it a good read. Off the top of my head, the 4 reasons I hate Hollywood are (in no particular order):

    -The MPAA
    -Shitty Photoshop Movie posters
    -Tyler Perry
    -The over use of CGI over practical effects.

  • You know what I'm sick of?...

    ... remakes.

    I'm sick of hollywood remaking everything.

    But thanks for bringing up that are article.

    No Double-posting please.


  • A really interesting article. I am also a huge movie fan and feel like it is getting harder to impress me. Maybe it's the age, maybe the times we are living in... this sounds like a Grandpa talking ;).

    For me one of the main problem is the lack of surprises. Back in the days without internet you could discover good movies for yourself. Of course there were magazines with reviews, but they did only cover a small part of the movies out there. There were always some gems you had not read much about before.

    I remember the excitement when I got my "The Lion King" VHS (the first VHS I bought) and there was a Pocahontas trailer on it. Before this I only knew trailers from the cinema and now I could watch one at home. Then when I discovered the internet I collected my favorite movie trailers on my harddisc, because they still where something special.

    Today you get multiple teasers and long trailers months before a movie hits the theaters. There are looks behind the scenes, promo tours and tons of pictures. You can read everything about it before you get the chance to see it for yourself. Even if you try to avoid this whole stuff it seems to be impossible to watch a movie without bias. You must have heard something about it somewhere, and even a "it isn't as good as expected..." can influence your opinion. Even if a new movie is a surprise hit it is no surprise anymore when YOU see it, because usually you hear about it before. The only chance to avoid everything is to visit festivals to be among the first to see the new movies.

    And there is one thing that makes it even worse: On the internet there are always people who hate a new movie or think it is "not worth the hype". On the one hand that's a good thing, because you can read multiple opinions. But sometimes I think it is sad... I like to be in a small group of people where everybody is really excited about something. Sometimes I just want to be hyped. That's another thing I miss today, because even before my friends have watched a new movies they can tell me what other people hate about it.
    It became more difficult to REALLY love a new movie.

    - - -

    Beside that I want to say I try to watch many movies from outside of hollywood. I especially love the korean cinema. Hollywood movies are fine, there are really good ones. But there is much more to discover.

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