Contest 03/2024: SPACE TRAVEL

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    It seems like I forgot to create the forum thread for the new contest earlier this month. Sorry, I actually thought I posted it.

    The topic was SPACE TRAVEL and the vote has already started now.
    It's a free topic, so let your imagination explore the universe. Astronauts, rockets, Sci-Fi stories set in space, Star Wars, Star Trek... everything is possible. OCs and any creative approach is allowed as long as there is a connection to the exploration of the universe. Your picture can be inspired by Science Fiction or actual NASA missions. You can make up a weird alien or show your heroic OC space traveller. You could even create a landscape from a far away plant. It's up to you!

    Please remember: You are only allowed to use the SP-Studio, so do not edit with additional software (no cutting, drawing or filters). Don’t resize your picture. Of course it must be your own creation.

    Rules for uploads: When you upload your picture, please add a TITLE and your NAME! Use the same name for all your uploads. Names like anonymous, idk or me are not allowed. Too many use them.

    Jury members are not allowed to talk about which picture is their's until the voting phase is over.

    Upload your picture (and vote) here:

    The rules are as always:

    1. CREATE a SP-Studio picture about the topic of the month
    2. UPLOAD your unedited picture until the 20th
    3. VOTING will start on the 21st (jury votes count x2,5)
    4. THE WINNERS will be announced at the start of next month

    This time there are 52 pictures in this contest.

    From 80 uploads 28 were disqualified:

    5 were no SP-Studio pictures

    14 were double entries by the same person

    9 were disqualified for different reasons - mostly for not matching the topic

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    Congratulations to the winners!


    Congratulations to the winners! Again a new face climbed to the top: ZippyGuitar. And again a very strong top 5

    ➤ View the full ranking for this contest HERE

    Thank you all for voting!

    Paul/Tony Maroj I noticed you did not vote in any contest since November. So I think it's better to remove you from the jury. That's fine, it should not be a burden for you.

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