Update: Language, SVG and more

  • Lars (LGK) coded useful new functions for the SP-Studio!

    • A language switcher was added to the bottom of the main page. Until now the language was only determined by your browser settings.
    • A button for the default character was added. After deleting all items you can now bring back the blue default character instead of building from scratch.
    • You can now save SVG files. They have the best quality and can be edited in specialized software.
      ArtisticFangirl will Like this :)
      Because of my trouble with art theft it was no easy choice for me to allow these files. But I trust you to always mention SP-Studio.de as a source when you use my drawings for your own projects. Please show this respect for my years of work by adding a back link when sharing pictures based on SP-Studio assets. Under no circumstances I allow to just steal and share my assets (like the backgrounds) on websites like DeviantArt. If you see something like this please tell them about the terms of use.


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