• As Eggyslav had pointed out in a thread he made a while back with a similar name...

    -the rules are the same.

    -up to 3 sentences per turn.

    -unlimited turns. But give others a chance to play.

    -plot must be continuous or relevant to the storyline.

    -copy and paste the story so far in your post and put your addition in bold letters.

    -have fun!

    Once upon a time, in a land of make believe, there was a kind and beautiful Queen named Janina .

    One day, her bravest knights,

    Sir Jareen2 and Sir Eggyslav were summoned to her side, but it wasn't the real Queen!

    It was her advisor, (The wicked)

    Paul/Tony Maroj in disguise and the two knights were unaware of this!

    (It was a very good disguise).

  • Sir Eggyslav was an old veteran, his face marked with many scars and wearing an eyepatch on his left eye. Resting his hand on his sword's hilt, he respectfully kneeled before Queen Janina, and asked: "Your Majesty! What quest hast thou awaiting for thyne loyal servants?"

  • the advisor disguised as Queen Janina, smiled to himself.

    "These fools! My plan is working perfectly! They think I'm the real Queen Janina!"

    He then said to them in the Queen's voice which he did with magic:

    "My loyal knights, I needeth thou to behead a terrible Dragon who is plaguing my kingdom.

    The Dragon lives in a cave but a weeks journey from here.

    Hurry before it's too late!"

    "they have no idea that I have placed a spell on the real Queen and she can't speak but in roars and growls!

    They'll behead their beloved Queen and I'll be free to take over the kingdom, I the rightful ruler, I who was denied that right because I'm only her half brother!"

  • Meanwhile in the cave, the real queen was quite confused and angry. First she wakes up in a mysterious cavern, then she is somehow transformed into a dragon, and to top it off, the only sounds seeming to come out of her mouth were growls and roars. All this before her morning tea..

  • Of course, unbeknownst to the wicked advisor, all spells and curses as well as hexes, have a way of being reversed and or broken, (even the most powerful of ones!!!)

    This particular one can be undone by a brave soul who has a special gift to speak to animals...

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