Updates to bring back all the old items (+ surprises)

  • It's been some busy days regarding work, and when it's over I avoid my room because the computer is heating it up too much. But I enjoy the sunny days outside.

    Unfortunately my eyes have not gotten better... I am afraid I will have to deal with it somehow. It's depressing and there are days when I am really down because of this. But I don't want to whine about it all the time.

    This month will see a SP-Studio update, but I had to take a break because of the temperatures. Next week the weather forecast sounds more suitable for computer work. :)

  • The next update should be online this Friday or Saturday. Not in the best mood right now... I really wanted to finish it in June. I got medication for my eyes which is supposed to help me, but I reacted extremely sensitive to them and this lead to more doctor appointments and even less time for the SP-Studio during the last days. Tomorrow I will finally get my alternative mediaction and let's hope they will do their job without knocking me out again. ;)

  • Update: Magic effects & old objects


    The umbrella is a complete redrawing. I asked my Patreon supporters what they want to see and they voted for lightning, so I decided to add several magic effects. If you want to vote for new updates and support the SP-Studio at the same time you can always join my Patreon campaign. Huge thanks to everybody who already did! Especially now that I have to deal with these health issues every donation is a big help.

    By the way: Of course you can recolor, flip, rotate and move the new effects, so for example the lightning or sun like glowing could be moved to the sky to be used as weather effects.

  • Update: movie & tv show costumes


    16 special shirts and a new helmet have been added to the SP-Studio!

    They are costumes inspired by Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Darkwing Duck, Masters of the Universe and Marvel. In addition to these classic costumes from the old SP-Studio (which have been updated) you will find three completely new ones: Son Goku (Dragonball Z), Donald Duck and the red Power Ranger! The Power Ranger comes with a fitting new helmet. All costumes come with custom colors… so you can build other Power Rangers as well.

  • Update: improvements


    Today’s update fixes errors, brings back 6 items and comes with many improvements!

    Since the launch of the new SP-Studio I collected many small issues on my to-do-list and I used this update to address most of them:

    • I added / splitted some old items I forgot about (tambourine, 5 shirts)
    • the layer order was improved for MANY items (beards, scarfs, belts, open coats, easel,…)
    • all background places are moveable now (just in case you want them to move)
    • small drawing errors were fixed (precious gloves, swimming trunks, pillars, helmets,…)
    • more custom colors were added to the cape and Doc Ock tentacles
    • old “update stars” were removed (they should just stay for a couple of weeks from now on)
  • The next SP-Studio update will again come with some new "special shirts" inspired by pop culture. I am still looking for famous movies / games / tv shows with iconic costumes. For example the Ghostbusters suits or Darth Vader's outfit. Feel free to suggest any ideas if you want to share them. :)

  • Update: more costumes


    27 SP-Studio items have been added to the “special costumes” category!

    This big update brings back many beloved costumes from the old SP-Studio in improved form: Fantasy outfits, superheroes, Halloween costumes, fake muscles, swimwear,… I used more shadows and highlights on some of them, but you can turn them off if you prefer the flat look. Of course you can also change the colors for everything.

    Three completely new costumes have been added as well. Black is beautiful, so I hope you like the dark outfits inspired by Black Panther, Darth Vader (Star Wars) and Yennefer (The Witcher). With Darth Vader and Black Panther I wanted to finally provide fitting shirts for the existing masks and Yennefer was chosen in a poll by my Patreon supporters.

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