• Exciting news! We are testing a new contest system this month!

    Things might change again. So your feedback is very important to me. If you have anything to say about the new system or notice strange English sentences only a German could write please tell me about it. :)

    I chose a general topic every newcomer can relate to: BLOCKBUSTER MOVIES. So let the Indiana Jones and Jokers out. And now we shall have a closer look on what has changed...


    • Submit your picture on the new CONTESTS page until July 20. No registration required anymore!
    • The pictures will all show up on July 21 on the SP-Studio Facebook page. Vote by liking your favorites.
    • On August 1st the winners will be announced here, in the blog and on Facebook.


    • Please use the "big" size (770x770px) when you save your picture. You won't be disqualified for different sizes, but it makes it easier to compare the artworks.
    • You are allowed to remove the "" watermark (this is possible within the save screen).
    • The picture must be created at and submitted until July 20, 11:59 PM (GMT+1).
    • No editing with additional software! No effects, color change, zooming. Just SP-Studio pictures. Rotating is not allowed anymore.
    • Add a fitting English title or description. You can add reference links so others can compare your version to how characters look like in real. Text like "VOTE!!!" will be removed.
    • If you upload more than one picture for a contest the newest one counts and the others are deleted.
    • When the voting starts Facebook users can rate the pictures (by liking them) until June 30.


    1st place: Make a wish for a new SP-Studio item and I will draw and include it. Good luck!


    • You don't need to enter your e-mail address if you don't want to be contacted in case you win the 1st prize. And you don't need it if I know you from the forum. ;)
    • Right now voting requires a Facebook account because I want to test how this works. If you don't have a Facebook account but would like to vote please comment about it here. I might add an additional way to vote for future contests, but I am not sure yet how to realize this.
    • I am not sure yet if the vote should be anonymous or not.
    • You don't need to submit your picture with the submission form if you don't like it or it doesn't work for you. You can send me an e-mail, forum message, Facebook message... whatever you want.
    • In case you miss the chance to win a User Gallery - tell me why you want it and you shall get one.
  • To be honest, I kinda have a problem with the new concept.

    I personally try to keep my Facebook page as "clean" as possible. Meaning, I almost never share anything, I like almost nothing besides pages I want to get news from. Actually, I would probably delete my facebook account if it wasn't the best way to stay up to date with some stuff. For me, it is more of a music news site rather than a social Network. Why I do this? I don't want to annoy my friends with the things I do online, and I don't want to over-share as well.
    So, to make it short, I wouldn't vote for pictures on facebook. And I do believe I'm not the only one by far who feels like this. :(

  • In the original discussion this was mentioned, but unfortunately nobody (including me) came up with a better alternative to Facebook. So this is why the vote ended up there. It is easy to include and has a potential promotion effect no other voting system has.

    I searched for a simple gallery plugin that would allow the combination of Facebook likes and "non Facebook likes", but did not find any. So I will try Facebook now to see how the SP-Studio Facebook community reacts to a contest. It might end in a desaster if only few people vote or the result is totally bizarre due to "I have friends who vote for me" behaviour. Then I will go back to a website based voting system. But if Facebook can attract a wider audience with new people who want to participate in the contests this is a big chance I don't want to miss.

    But of course I won't forget the loyal community we have here. So no matter how the Facebook vote will turn out, I will try my best to add an independent way to vote next month. Either in combination with Facebook likes (if they work well) or as a substitute for Facebook (if it won't work at all).

    By the way: I never vote in Facebook contests, so I understand you. ;) But I notice many other people do, and so I am curious how this will turn out.

  • 15 submissions so far.
    9 are SP-Studio pictures.
    2 are fitting for the contest.
    (1 porn pic which is less than expected)

    So I guess I should write the contest topic in huge red letters IN the submission form.

  • No, it's not required. The picture can be shown in a bigger size now during the vote, so it's possible to use 770x770. ut you are not the only one who used the classic size.

    18 entries so far.

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