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  • From Jagar Tharn's Simulacrum Scheme, through the happenings leading to Warp in the West, adventures of the Nerevarine, Oblivion Crysis, up to the exploits of Dovahkin, this topic is for discussing everything TES-related. Talk about your favourite province of Tamriel, the vast lore of the games, your favourite instalments, about Daedric Princes, or the Nine Divines, the Mysterious Continent of Akavir, the disapearance of Dwarves, Everyone's favourite Khajiit: M'aiq the Liar, the creatures: from the proud Dremoras to pesky Cliffracers, your favourite artifacts: Umbra, Goldbrand, Ebony Mail, Wabbajack, and other things about this great series by Bethesda Softworks.....

  • Wow, you seem to know a lot!
    Anyway I think everybody has tried to killed M'aiq at one point and I killed the Khajiits infront of Whiterun to get that elven sword in the begin of the game! :?:
    My favourite shout is: Yol Toor Shul
    My house is in Windhelm because I couldn't afford the one in Solitude :(
    I like being in heavy armour and have one-handed swords, I duelwield The Mace of Molog Bal and the Dawnbreaker, and sometimes just yolo with Mehrune's Razor...
    I'm a Werewolf and done all the quests I can only not the "Ebony Warrior"" :cheers:
    I love SKYRIM :bow:…olls-5-skyrim/Dawnbreaker…rim/empty/Mehrune's_Razor

  • Nice, have you seen my Daedric Princes Gallery? I also made other pics inspired by TES.....

    Also, You tried to kill M'aiq? I can understand Nazeem, or Heimskr, but M'aiq? I think he's adorable, plus, he was around the series since Morrowind, I totally love that guy, in all his incarnations....... :D

  • What lvl are you? On what do you play it? Do you have any DLC? What Weapons do you use? Any advise for a lvl 45?
    And sure i'll check the gallery out!
    What's you're favourite instalment?
    How long have you been playing games in the Elder Scrolls Series?
    IMPERIALS OR STORMCLOACKS I know you answered this already but I forgot I'm for the Imperials!
    Least favourite race?
    Favourite Daedric Prince?

    BTW I play on the xbox so I can't install mods which is sad! :drop:

    BTW how do you like put a link in a word like DAWNBREAKER and then if you click on It it will bring you to a website like the wiki?

  • My main is 90 or so (Cheats.... :P ), My Laptop, I've got all of them, plus helluva mods, it depends, but mostly swords.
    My advice for any level is: don't grind, just explore the world, make quests and enjoy the game, the levels will come as you play and use your skills.
    My favourite instalment is Skyrim, but I have many, MANY fond memories of Morrowind, I've also played Oblivion, but it was meh, and Daggerfall.
    My first TES Game was aformentioned Morrowind, and I played it since.... I Dunno, 2005?
    I try to be Neutral, Ulfric just wants to be the High King, and the Empire is no longer the powerful faction it used to be at the reign of Septims, now they're just the Thalmor's puppet, but I have multiple characters, and I tend to roleplay, amongst my chars I've got an Imperial Paladin siding with the Legion, and proud Nord barbarian warlord siding with Stormcloaks.
    My least liked race? Hmmm, tough call, all races have pluses and minuses, but I always hated how Bosmer (Wood Elves) were depicted in series, small, ugly motherfuckers with squeaky voices, plus let's not forget the infamous Annoing, I mean Adoring Fan from Oblivion, who was no less, a Bosmer. But still, I have a Bosmer Ranger in Skyrim, and he's fun to play...
    Finally, my favourite Daedric Princes are: Boetiah (I like his/her lore and artifacts), Molag Bal (Father of all the vampires nonetheless), and my Most favourite, since Oblivion's Shivering Isles, Sheogorath (CHEESE! FOR EVERYONE!!!).....

    As for the link try this:

  • Nah, I don't have enough tallent, or the right equipement to be a polish Pewdiepie... *Irony mode off*

    Also, my game is so modded and fucked up that it crashes a lot, so, not the best material for a Let's Play.....

  • Quote from Eggyslav

    Nah, I don't have enough tallent, or the right equipement to be a polish Pewdiepie... *Irony mode off*

    Also, my game is so modded and fucked up that it crashes a lot, so, not the best material for a Let's Play.....

    I see, it would be cool to see what you do in certain situations though like choosing stuff 'n shit...


    Why don't you start with a question because i'm all out! :???:

  • Quote from Eggyslav

    Allright, soooo, what do you think about Dwemer and their disappearance? What is your favourite artifact from all the series? What's your favourite Province? Which instalments did you play?

    Disappearance of Dwemer

    Well, I don't know to much about them other that they were awesome builders and mechanics and that that they were CRUEL against the falmer... The wiki says:
    "A race of stonecutters, artisans, and engineers. They invented machines and built elaborate underground cities where they researched powers to rival the gods themselves. And then, at a time we are still not sure when, they disappeared. The whole people, all at once. Leaving behind only their works."
    Meaning they didn't worship the gods so maybe the gods banished them?

    "Similarly to the members of the Psijic Order, the Dwemer race also possessed the ability known as "The Calling," to telepathically communicate with eachother".
    So they may also be mages? Although we see no staffs for them! We only see bow's and HEAVY shields and armour!Or maybe are the Psijic Order dwemer disguised as humans, This would be very possible since the dwemer are very old and so have the knowledge of many things! So they may have dig deep and found a power of all magic! or maybe the "gods" thought they may be of good use and gave them that power!
    More I don't know it's still a mystery...

    Other Questions

    With "artefact" you mean like daedric artefact I think Mehrunes' Razor because it has a chance to insta-kill!

    province, I think cyrodiil because it"ll be much like skyrim but less mountains!

    Only played skyrim! :thumbup:

    So, what are you're thoughts on the Dwemer?

    (SORRY FOR LONG POST! :zzz:) Oh and the Bold was me and This was the wiki

  • Well, If you played Morrowind you would know, that one of the Dwemer "Tonal Architects", named Kagrenac, was dabbing with the Heart of Lorkhan (one of the Aedric Gods, he created the Material world, and for that other Aedras tore him apart, and threw his heart into the Red Mountain, It's a long and complicated story...). Kagrenac made three tools: Wraithguard, Sunder and Keening (Yes, THAT Keening that you get from that one quest in Winterhold College), and tried manipulating the Heart with it, so he, and his kin would become gods themselves. But, something went wrong, and what happened next is unclear, but the Dwemer disappeared, the whole race, *poof*, and it's gone.... The Dwarves certainly were also powerful mages, but I see no connection between them, and the Psyjiic Order, who are based on Artaneum Island in the Summerset Isles, while Dwemer were the natives of Vvardenfell in Morrowind. I'd say, they were transported to another plane of existance, perhaps Aetherius....

  • That explains everything!
    They live on in another world or perhaps they are a country next to Tamriel? maybe this"Aetherius" is that one place!
    Like think about it Tamriel is the only country we see! what is there were more country what if there is a whole other continent! The only other country's we see out of Tamriel is "Nirn" map
    Or I dunno... :?:

  • Tamriel Is the Continent of Nirn, which is a planet. Other Continents of Nirn are: Atmora (from where the Nords came from), Akavir, and Yokuda (Former motherland of Redguards, which have been destroyed). Nirn exists in Mundus, which is the Material World, Created by aformentioned Lorkhan, and Aetherius, just like Oblivion is an other Dimention, or Realm. It's also the place where Sovngarde is located...

  • From UESP wiki:

    Yokuda was a continent west of Tamriel which purportedly sank into the sea in ancient times. It was the original home of the Redguards, as well as an apparently extinct Aldmeri race referred to as the Lefthanded Elves. The meaning of the name is unknown. Although Yokuda no longer exists, it is included on one map of Western Tamriel, and there is some evidence of contact between Tamrielic explorers and Yokudans. According to residents of Anvil, ships still sail to Yokuda from Anvil, and some sources refer to the continent as if it still exists in some form. The largest land mass was Akos Kasaz, though the continent was also composed of over half a dozen large islands, such as Samara, Khibi, Kamlesh, Kanesh and Yath. It is unknown whether the landmasses south of the Sea of Pearls, such as Ravan, are or were traditionally considered part of Yokuda.
    Yokudan society was very advanced for its time. Yokudan navies were superior to those found among Tamrielic kingdoms, and their astronomical knowledge, martial arts, agriculture, politics, and philosophy were all very advanced. It's debated whether the destruction that forced the Yokudans to flee was due to natural causes, acts of the Yokudans, or both. Yokuda was the scene of frequent warfare, and there are tales blaming the cataclysm on a rebel band of Ansei, magical swordsmen whose secret techniques are reputedly capable of such devastation. In any event, the Redguards themselves seem to be under the impression that the destruction of Yokuda was in some way their fault.
    Upon the sinking of their homeland around 1E 792, which apparently was predictable to some degree, the Yokudan fleet set sail to the east, where they shored at the continent of Tamriel in the province of Hammerfell in 1E 808.

  • Yeah, because of Steam's bullshit Creation Kit uninstalation mechanism, I just had *cough* accidentally deleted Skyrim and all my 250+ mods, luckilly I've installed recuva, and trying to salvage everything. It's a good thing It didn't delete my savefiles, otherwise, I think I would go and strangle Gabe Newell with his intestines, Sheogorath style... >(

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