Changes to the hair?

  • Should I change the color of the lines in some old hairstyles? 5

    1. Yes, black looks not good with light hair colors. (2) 40%
    2. No, I like light hair colors with black lines. (1) 20%
    3. I don't care. (2) 40%

    Just a quick question about how you feel about changes to some of the old hairstyles.

    A couple of hairstyles which were inspired by South Park use black lines. Usually this is not the drawing style I like, because I prefer soft gradations. Especially when it comes to light hair those black lines look very harsh (I made some screenshots). So I only use those hairstyles for dark tones and not for lighter ones, which is kind of sad. How do you feel about it, did you make the same experience?

    This is bothering me for some time now, since my drawings have become more detailed. I feel like a detailed dress with smooth lights and shadows does not fit with those eye-catching lines. Usually I avoid to change existing items because there's always somebody who will miss the old version. But in this case I feel like a change would have big advantages. I would not delete the lines, I would just change their color from black to a lighter color when a light hair color is selected. So for example when you select orange the lines would be red instead of black. I think this will look better.

    What's your opinion? Any objections?

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