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    Indeed. The rules say you can show famous people from this century, and both of them were at least born in the 1800s. So I guess you can argue this connection is good enough. It had been better though if the pictures would not show them as adults.

    There were two different Marilyn Monroes. I aussume those who uploaded them were kids who did not understand the difference between the 19th and 20th century. But apart from this the disqualified pictures were just totally random: OCs in modern outfits, videogame characters and currently famous celebrities. It was clear they didn't even bother to read the contest topic.

    At least it's not just random photos of food or pets like in the last contest. maybe you can do a contest next time with no topic, just so people can show off their OCs or something

    This page is (kind of) adding on to Janina's "search bar" post

    Imagine this: You're trying to make a character using the SP-Studio, but you may not be able to find the correct item, or the correct hair style. A suggestion would be an item search bar. However, this opens up a problem, since most items and hairs have names such as "Short hair 49" or "Bottle", it would be difficult to memorize all of the names. So here's a possible solution: Tags.

    When you're creating a forum post, you can set tags to help people find your post better. Maybe a short hairstyle can have tags like short, wavy, straight, or a food item could be food, edible, drinkable. However..

    Here are three problems I have with this idea of mine.
    1. There's a lot of items, accessories, and decorations, it would take up too much time to tag all of them.
    2. Like I said in reason 1, it could possibly take too much time, meaning Janina can't release new updates.
    3. It could break the SP-Studio.

    A possible fix I have is to release a beta version of it. Maybe only tag a few items at a time, and if it works well, then maybe it could be taken out of beta and added as an actual feature. But that's if we ignore problems 1 and 2. I've really never understood code, and I haven't for a long time. So i'm not quite sure how this item search bar could work. But anyway, what are your thoughts? Is this a good idea or a bad idea? And am I putting this in the right forum?

    I like the ideas, and I couldn't decide on one, so i combined them.

    Cosmostar is a powerful alien who was just exploring other galaxies when they discovered Earth. They fell in love with the little planet, and seeing how their planet suffered from climate change, littering, and greenhouse gases, Star decided to help them out. Throughout his many years of...well, existing, he developed powers such as creating stars, destroying stars, and maybe entire planets.

    I might add onto this story later but I am not entirely sure. Thanks for the ideas Eggyslav! :)

    Here are some more characters I made. The pink and white one is Mochi, and the black and gold one is Cosmostar.

    Mochi is based on a drawing I made in the second grade. Mochi back then looked a lot like the mochi today, except a lot taller....and not in south park style. She's a lot like Cupid, but she doesn't have a bow and arrows. Her presence just kinda does the job. She met Cosmostar when she made two astronauts fall in love, and to this day, Mochi and Cosmostar have been best friends.

    Cosmostar just kinda came to me when experimenting with SP-Studio. I changed their name a lot, their first name being StarBoy. I thought this name was unoriginal so I changed it. Cosmostar's job is undecided right now. If anyone has ideas I will check them out.

    Some other facts about Cosmostar and Mochi:

    - They both dislike Kimi, and think she's annoying.
    - Mochi really likes Mochi. Hence her nickname.
    - Cosmostar's favorite animals are elephants and cheetahs.
    - Mochi is 876 years old and Cosmostar is 899 years old.

    I think the main problem could be that most of the people involved are either little kids that saw "upload your picture" and just decided to put something random on there, or just they could just be messing with you for no actual reason. But then again I could be just stating the obvious

    My submission took a while, I was expecting it to take maybe 3-5 mins but it actually took me at least ten minutes because I was struggling a little with the hair and trying to find shirts that match their design in the show. But it was fun. Can't wait to vote! :party::artist:

    At first, I thought this was a creature from that weird horror series Petscop. Does anyone know Petscop? It was a series of YouTube videos playing an "unreleased video game from 1997" by this guy named Paul. (coincidence, lol)