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    Hey guys, i want to tell you how i became a big fan of the flash game SP-Studio.

    I‘ve seen pictures of the SP-Studio back in 2015-2016, but i only met the actual game

    around mid-2017, I initially played this game occasionally, but then, i got addicted to it when i installed the Puffin Browser in my iPhone 7, i created at least two South Park female ocs, but sadly, i didn’t know how to edit the pictures at the time nor make comics with them, and when i became slightly better at editing(at least on mobile devices lol), it was too late, Puffin Browser got shut down and nowadays, i only sometimes play this game in my laptop, maybe if the New SP-Studio launch, i can play it with more frequency.

    Also, when i first got into this game, i was(and i‘m still) a fan of South Park, this is easily the best character creator website to create South Park ocs and to make character bases and not only South Park fans can enjoy, but people who aren’t familiar with South Park as well.

    This is my story with the game, sorry if was too short.

    That’s great :)

    I hope you launch the New Version on late June or early July.

    Also, have you played I heard rumors that this site was inspired on SP-Studios.

    SP-Studio is a game that i really love, but i think it should stay as a fan game, if the South Park style and items related to the show get removed, people will stop playing and there aren’t many Avatar creators of the show(There’s and the horrible official avatar creator, but they’re very inferior to this game in my opinion).

    Yeah, i know there are people who play SP-Studio who haven’t heard of South Park, but I’m sure many people initially played this game because of South Park.

    feel free to comment.