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    Considering the effort all people involved put into our film project, I'm deeply saddened that now this cheap rip-off gets all the media attention. But I know that you will appreciate the true original.

    A preselection would only be possible after all entries have been submitted, anyway. After more thoroughly consideration, I also wonder who should be part of a jury. Most people on the forum also take part in the contest. People might see a conflict of interest in that.

    I think it makes sense to increase the number of possible submissions. As I understand it, the pictures also get randomly arranged for every user. So technically, every picture should have the same chance even if voters don't always scroll through all submissions.

    But I'll just add, it's not impossible to make creative entries without editing.

    Well, edited pictures would be sorted out as they are against the rules. So every picture in the contest should be unedited. And some of them are quite creatively using the posibilities of SP-Studios, just not that many.

    I could imagine that untrained users don't understand how some of the more creative solutions got made and suspect them to be edited. Probably they rate those entries higher that they can reproduce.

    Well, obviously "Medium hair 13" is the name of that particular hairstyle. Most hairstyles just seem to have a number.

    Like with a board game I believe rules are important for the contests to have fun to begin with.

    But we have these rules and as you wrote you're watching them being observed. I'm addressing the constant complaints that the wrong people keep winning, suspicions that others would cheat and demands after more regulations. I just don't think, that would help.

    So, wait, are you saying some of these entries have been edited?

    I have no way of knowing that. As the most pictures are quite simplistic, I don't think so. But I didn't make any assumptions of that kind. I explicitly wrote that without editing the pictures (as the contest rules require it and as the pictures are obviously made) it's hard to get more creative pictures. Maybe some people are even careful about the tools within SP-Studio because they aren't sure what counts as editing.

    People just have different preferences. There's no way to get a result in such a vote that everyone will agree on. If this were the case there would be no point in having a vote to begin with. And after all, this whole contest is just for fun. The winner doesn't get anything from it. I don't see why anyone should cheat here. And even if some people would do so, does it really matter that much?

    And concerning the quality of the entries... You really need a lot of experience to get creative pictures without editing anything with additional software. It's not that easy to move several objects consistently, for example, to position a character off-centre. If we applied strict standards, maybe three or four entries would qualify at all. That would quickly end the contest completely.

    This is a better place to introduce yourself than the wall. I think there are some gamers on the forum but I'm not sure if someone is on Roblox.

    I wouldn't change the rules during an ongoing contest. Maybe one could preselect the pictures, if the numbers keep on increasing. But that should rather be a jury than a single person. Already now, there's often critique as to why a certain picture didn't get disqualified. Members of such a jury could be former winners and/or especially active members of the forum. That could be an additional reward and also increase the activity on the forum. But maybe organizing that would be complicated.