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    Sorry, this was done on purpose. I decided to change this item because I wanted to have a more coherent feel to this category. Transparent shades on the one hand and single stubbles of hair on the other.

    I hope you had nice holidays! :)

    Even though we took some days off Lars and I uploaded a surprise hot fix:

    - a loading animation was added (so you know the website did not crash)
    - some pressing item bugs were fixed

    - the app version should work now (not sure about offline though)

    - desktop view: I added the info box again about supporting the SP-Studio with donations (the ad banner is not working yet so I really need this)

    A similar box will be used for the contests when they return in January. See you then!

    Happy holidays! While I won't work on the SP-Studio anymore this year I will do a Twitch livestream tomorrow (Saturday) evening. It will be another chilled movie talk in German, so in case you are interested I'd be happy to meet you in the chat. :) Nobody should be lonely on Christmas, so let's chat a bit. I made this silly preview pic for the announcement:

    Right now I am dealing with visitors who don't understand how to recolor the blue skin... so I try to make things as easy and clear as possible. ;)

    Totally unrelated: Here's something special for everybody to play with during the holidays! Since Flash will stop working soon I decided to publish all the old versions of the SP-Studio. Get some nostalgic feelings by browsing through the versions from 2002 until 2020. :)


    It was tricky to get these old babies working again, but they should now run fine (as long as the Flash plugin is running). Only the save button won't work.

    Thank you! :)

    I am very happy to finally see the reactions now and how people are enjoying it. This feels good after hiding it for so long and after all the trouble with the development. It looks like there are no important bugs to fix, so I can take some days off and will only reply to feedback and enjoy looking at SP-Studio pictures during this time.

    Regarding the "creatures" category: This is a fun idea but I am afraid most people would not understand the meaning and so it would be a bit confusing.


    It’s finally here!

    Three years of preparations by optimizing all my drawings, three months of developing by Lars and now I am proud and happy to present you the new SP-Studio. No Flash is required anymore and it will run in every browser – so go ahead and give it a try! An link to the old SP-Studio will be added later, so it won't be lost. If you want to use the mobile version just visit the website, no app store is required. You find many new items as well, but I let you discover them for yourselfs.

    I want to thank everybody who supported me during these years – with your donations, your knowledge and your kind words. Your help made this possible!

    The only important bug so far is that the mobile version is not working offline yet (Lars might be able to fix this, but it is more complicated than expected). As long as you stay online everything should be fine. :)

    No, because during development I realized it feels strange to call it anything other than just "SP-Studio". I wanted to rename it at first, but I m so used to this name after so many years... So I will keep the name and it will also stay this way in the logo. When I talk about the old and new version I will call it "new SP-Studio" because this feels natural. :)

    It does not look good for a new plugin to run the contests. :( But I don't want to cancel them, because I think there still are some fans who like them and would miss them. So I will try the following: I will try to keep the old plugin. But I will only use it for the current contest and not as an archive, because it's so buggy and not save anymore.

    So if you want to save anything from the old contests, please do so until Monday! The pictures will be gone then. I will only keep the Hall of Fame with the Top5 of every contest.

    Hey, I totally forgot to mention another small improvement I made! When I include a hairstyle now I can select if it should show up on top of glasses or under glasses. In the old SP-Studio glasses were under all the hair (because of long fringes), but this looked strange for very short hairstyles. Now I can make sure it always looks realistic.

    My initial plan was to only include full categories, because then you know what's missing.

    But it might be better to at least have some items in every category...

    Turns out my initial plan was the right one.

    The more feedback I get the more I realize that people will always complain if a category is not 100% complete, because one favorite item might be missing. When I say "objects & special shirts in January, but the rest is here for launch" then everybody knows what to expect.

    I will be honest here... I've been working on this thing for 3 years and it has been tough. You get mostly negative feedback during this time, because of course you ask your friends and testers to find bugs and you always talk about improvements. I don't want to sit there on launch day and get complains like "why did you include and iPhone but no iPad". It would just break my heart. So I want to limit the confusion about why something is missing while another item is included.

    Because of a fixed bug the size of the exported png pictures will be increased to 1156x1156 px. I initially went for 900x900 so you won't notice my little drawing errors - but I guess nobody will complain about a bigger image size. ^^ So, congratulations, this one bug actually lead to some good results for the visitors.

    The results of the vote say that the most popular categories are hats, tools & weapons, dresses and special shirts.

    Today I finished nearly 100 hats and tomorrow I will continue with the regular long sleeve shirts (including jackets). They were not in the vote because I think they are a must-have. After this I will prefer the dresses over the special shirts because the special shirts are... well. really special. You don't need a spider-man suit unless you want ot build spider-man, so I think some dresses are more important for more personal and creative pictures.

    I am a bit surpised about the "tools & weapons" category. I thought the "everything else" category would get more love because of the laptop, smartphone, book and paintbrush. But I guess the poll was worth it if I though wrong. Well... of course this was only a small amount of people. But I have to rely on something. ;)