I cant create D: (possibly a bug)

  • Am i the only one that cant use create? I installed the flash stuff but it still wont work D: I called my friends and they said the same thing. Is this a bug? If it is cant someone please fix it soon. D:

  • Update: I uploaded the SP-Studio files to a new server (well.. actually it is an old server, the one with this community). But the domain does not link to it and I have no idea where the problem might be. I contacted the support of my Host and hope they will be able to help me.

    Anyway, you can build again! :)


    The save button does not work yet, so you have to save the pictures by making a screenshot.

    EDIT: The Domain works again, only the save button seems to make problems. I will have a look at this this evening.

  • Now the save button works again, everything should be back to normal :).

    This means I can start the new contest. It's a bit late this time, but I wanted to fix the SP-Studio files first.

  • Sorry, but the SP-Studio is not meant for cell phose, because it uses Flash and I cannot change this. Back when I started working on it there were no smartphones, so this wasn't a big deal. But have you tried to install the "Adobe Flash Player für Android"? I have never tested it myself, because I only own a very old phone, but it should work at least for some versions of Android.

    And of course the SP-Studio should work on every "real" computer with a Flash plugin :).

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