The what-would-you-prefer-game

  • Just as easy as it sounds:

    person A: would you prefer XXX or XXX?
    person B: answer and maybe why... + next question

    ask for example what he/she would do/eat/where to live/...

    have fun!

    so... you have to choose: 24 hours only watching TV or playing games?

    oh, and please no to annoying ones.. ;)

  • Games. At least you do something instead of blankely staring at the screen.

    What do you prefer:

    Ninjas, or Pirates?

    BTW, Guys, Now that we have so many forum games, I redo my proposal for a new "Arcade" subforum, where we could put all those games, to keep it nice and tidy, who's with me?

  • right a new sub forum would make sense. Especially since we have games in divergent categories...

    Answer: ugh, none. But if I must choose, I guess Ninjas, but I don't know why.

    would you prefer getting banned from this forum or running naked trough the olympia stadium?

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    And That's why I would prefer run naked.... :P

    What do you prefer:

    German Opera, or Italian? Wagner or Rossini?

  • first

    Uhm, guys sorry I originally meant you should ask here what the other one would prefer to do or what he would prefer to happen to him. I guess a better title would have been "The what-would-you-prefer-happening-to-you-game"
    Im sorry... I don't want to start several thousands of bordgames, but this would better fit in a "what do you like more game" or ask it in the Introduction game.

    next one:

    Wold you prefer living in Canada or Australia?

  • hmn, pompei. In hiroshima there was the possibility not to die directly, but even more painful things...

    would you prefer to know the date you'll die or die suddenly?

  • Quote from Jetpack-guy


    :lol: Nicely dodged there.

    Quote from {-}___{-}

    whites or blacks


    Heads or tails?

  • killed is killed... the Joker

    for your birthday: would you prefer a great adventure e.g. going skydiving... or material stuff as present?

  • autsch, first

    @JP: Didn`t you already asked this in the introduction game???
    and by the way: here you schooled ask Questions what the other would prefer to do or to happen to him!

    coloring your house in bright pink forever or or working at McDonalds?

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