The Official "Rate the TV Show/Movie Above You"

  • Welcome to my Rate the TV Show/Movie Above You thread.

    It is my hope that this will become one of the more popular threads in the Media thread.

    The way this will work is, I will post the name of a movie or TV Show and then the next user to post will rate the movie or TV show out of 10 and that person will name a movie or TV show and the next user to post will rate the movie or TV show out of 10 and so on.

    Please try to keep things as appropriate as possible, meaning no pornographic movie titles etc.

    Also, a helpful thing would be to do a simple Google search on the movie/TV show and provide the users of this thread with a link to the IMDB Article, or something like that which would give a good plot summary.

    If you haven't seen the movie that the user above you has posted, simply answer with NA, I haven't seen it, or something of the sort.

    South Park

    New Rule: If no one responds to a movie after 7 days, we can just move on... - Dogzilla

  • 7/10
    I enjoyed it, but it was rather unnecessary. Silk Spectre I & II's actresses were awful, but Rorschach, Comedian, Nite Owl II and Doctor Manhattan were spot on. The visual effects and the action scenes were great and even Zack Snyder's slow-mo shit that I hate in every other film seemed to work in Watchmen. I see why they changed the ending, but it creates a few plot holes. I also had a problem with the prison fight scene, the film had a great soundtrack consisting entirely of songs from the '60s to the '80s, but for that scene they just used a generic Rock-Techno track that seemed so out of place with the rest.

    The main gripe I have about it is it seems to just be a story about the "Watchmen" (that really irks me that the group actually calls themselves the Watchmen, considering the word can never be seen in full for the entire book, bar the covers), rather than what it should be: A deconstruction of the superhero genre, which Zack Snyder didn't seem to get, and just turned it into a normal superhero action flick.

    That said, the opening credits brought a tear to my eye since Watchmen is my all time favourite comic (I'm reading through it again right now), it was absolutely beautiful.

    Superman (1978)

  • It's more interesting if you have a reason for the rating you're giving it, It doesn't hurt does it?
    And by the way, I already said Batman Begins.

  • You haven't read the rules, have you?

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