Transparent background

  • Hi, I think you should add a transparent background... Because if I want to put a different background behind my creations I have to work on them with Photoshop or similar... You think this is possible? It will help a lot of us! Greetings from Italy!

  • This is a really good idea, but unfortunately I do not know how to code it :(.

    The save function is the only part of the SP-Studio I wasn't able to code myself. It was done by someone else and so I cannot change it. It saves the pictures as jpg files, so a transparent background is not possible. Even if I could change this to png files I don't think a transparent background would be possible, because it just makes a screenshot.

    So unfortunately you need to do it this way:
    Create a character with a one colored background (grey might be a good choice).
    Save it or make a screenshot.
    Load the picture into Photoshop / Gimp / a software like this.
    Select the background with the Magic Wand.
    Invert the Selection and you can copy the character to a picture of your choice.

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