Update: SP-Studio Christmas Special 2021

  • LOVE IT!

    You as Reba McEntire's "FANCY"!

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  • I am terrified of wasps/bees! Was stung 3 times! One for each of 3 summers! The first time was my right elbow, 2nd time was my earlobe, the 3rd time was the tip of my nose! And yes each one was more painful than the last!

    BUT! I'll make an exception for this little guy!

  • Oh no...

    I was only stung twice as far as I remember. One time I kneed on a wasp and I cannot blame it for reacting to it with a sting. It hurt pretty bad.

    Second time I stepped on a bee this summer when walking barefoot through our garden. Cannot blame the bee either. :D But it was just a short pain. The wasp was worse.

    I am not terrified of wasps and bees at all because they never hurt me without reason. They can walk over my face if they want. But I get pretty nervous when I am near people waving their arms at them, because this can make them aggressive.

  • Day 15: The current gen of gaming consoles is completed with the addition of an Xbox Series X and Series S! The existing Xbox controller still fits the current design, so there was no need to draw a new one and I decided to include both variants of the console instead.


  • Day 16: This is a really interesting update for creative SP-Studio users because these six extra shirt parts help you to design your own fashion. By using the lock function from the item menu you can combine them with any regular shirt. For example you could use a skin color for the arm parts to make any long sleeve shirt a short sleeve shirt. Or you can make a shirt look like a jacket. The new items can be found at the end of the "special shirts" section.


  • Day 18: Two holes in different sizes have been added! You can combine them with background sceneries to create some funny effects. This updates comes a few hours late because I have problems with my eyes, but I try to catch up now.


  • Day 19: Today we travel back in history to introduce a beautiful new 18th century dress. You can recolor it with two colors and deactivate the shading if you want to use it without the flower ornaments.

    Also: The final Wish Voting Gallery update for this year! 24 of your ideas have been added to the gallery so you can now comment on them.


  • Thank you :) It's surprisingly difficult to get these dresses working with custom colors, because I wanted to allow to hide the pattern. But in the end I am happy with the result.

    Day 20: A new "party frame" has been added to the foreground effects! This can be especially useful to create greeting cards for Birthdays. To intensify the effect you can combine it with the existing confetti that's in front of the character.


  • Day 21: sp-studio.de is now available in new languages! You can change them at the bottom of the page. The translations were done by Weirdo (Spanish) and Jareen2 (Dutch). Thank you very much! And also to Lars who of course prepared the code for this.

    Also: 6 new country flags as shirt motifs were added (England, Nigeria, Bolivia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Czech Republic) because this was a Wish Voting wish.


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