Is there any free software that i can use to create a South Park dress up game?

  • This is my idea:

    The game would be an Avatar creator mixed with comic creation, the character customization would include options to change the size and the weight of the characters, and there will also be a feature called "South Park Do it Yourself", where you can import your customizable itens such as hair, backgrounds and clothes that are done by yourself in any graphics editing program to the Custom section, as for the comic strips, there will be many free comic templates.

    This game would also have a forum/community.

    I don’t know if this is possible, but can you give me an advice to how i can create a South Park dress up game? It won’t be a SP-Studio clone, I promise.

  • That's a lot you are planning to do ;) But I am afraid you need to learn coding. It's not about the software, but about the framework or engine.

    Back when I started doing this, Adobe Flash (today the software is called Adobe Animate) was an amazing new tool, because it offered a workspace like Photoshop, but also the possibility to code without much actual "coding". I read many tutorials, but I did not have to learn a whole coding language. Of course I staill have to code - it won't work with no coding at all. But I didn't have to study at a university for this. Another benefit: Publishing the results is super easy. They look the same on every browser (if the browser still supports Flash... ;) ).

    With the death of Flash this opportunity is gone, and unfortunately I can't see a similar replacement anywhere. As far as I know there is not one software you can use. You have to learn a fitting coding language / framework like Angular or React. Then you code in an editor by writing down the lines. HTML 5 might work as well, if you combine it with JavaScript, but I heard it's still limited. And I heard a lot about Unity being a good starting point for beginners, but I have no experience with it.

    Of course there a lot of "build your own game" software tools, but these are very limited and I don't think they are worth it. You must be lucky that it offers the things you need for your project and then the question is how the exported files look like. In addition most of these tools come from small companies and so you can't be sure it will still be supported in 5 years.

    My tip is: Start small. What you are describing needs years to build for one person if you want to offer a big amount of items. Look for a coding language you want to learn and start with a small project to learn the basics. Then you can grow bigger if you feel like it's the tool you want to use.

  • Um diese Idee noch zu ergänzen, sollten Sie eine South-Park-Verkleidung erstellen, in der Sie Ihre Kreativität und Grafikfähigkeiten unter Beweis stellen können. Mit PHP-Entwicklern können Sie ohne Schwierigkeiten das Backend verstärken und eine ganze Reihe von Funktionalitäten einbauen, die das Spiel für die Nutzer noch spannender machen würden. Zum Beispiel sollten Sie ein Leaderboard einbauen, um einen gesunden Wettbewerb unter den Spielern anzuregen oder ein Erfüllungsgadget einbauen, um Kunden für das Erreichen bestimmter Meilensteine zu belohnen.

    Insgesamt sollte die Entwicklung eines South Park Dress-Up-Sports eine unterhaltsame und profitable Aufgabe sein, bei der Sie Ihre technischen Fähigkeiten und Ihre Kreativität unter Beweis stellen können. Mit der Hilfe von PHP-Entwicklern und ein wenig Kreativität können Sie ein Spiel erstellen, das die Benutzer unterhält und eine Nachbarschaft um sich herum aufbaut.

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    We had a problem with spam in the past, so I will delete the link and hope you understand this. The text just sounds "not human". If you are just here for advertising, this is not the place.

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