Any free flash-supported browsers for iOS?

  • While the New SP-Studio doesn’t launch yet, i need to know if there’s a free flash-supported browser for iPhones, even though i have a laptop, I liked playing SP-Studio more on my phone, but sadly, Puffin got shut down last year.

  • I have a question for you if you would like to answer it :).

    When you used SP-Studio on your phone, how did you feel about the color selection (for exmaple when you pick a hairstyle and then have to select the color)? Since it was developed before smartphones became popular I did not optimize it for touch controls. So I feel like the single buttons for the colors are difficult to hit on a smatrtphone because of their small size. Did you have to zoom in? Or did you think it was okay?

    I am asking this because I want to improve the touch controls for the new SP-Studio and I am still wondering how big the buttons for the color palette should be to make it easy to use.

  • Thank you. I felt like the single buttons are too small, so this is good news. But there will be more testing with different screen sizes of course. Perhaps somebody with big bear paws might need bigger buttons. :)