Guess the most popular SP-Studio items

  • I am going to release some interesting statistics next week. And while I prepare it we could do a little quiz. I am not sure if anybody wants to take part, but let's give it a try.

    Which are the TOP 5 most popular SP-Studio items...

    • ...from every category combined?
    • ...from the stuff category?
    • ...from the shirts category (freestyle)?
    • ...from the shirts category (unique designs)?
    • ...from the legs category?
    • ...from the hat category?
    • ...from the hair category?
    • ...from the mouth category?
    • ...from the eyes category?
    • ...from the place category?

    Post your guesses until May 14th. :pc:

    • Excluded from the top lists: Items which were added in 2016. Also the body shape, single color background and regular hands. Of course they are the top 3 items because every SP-Studio picture starts with them.
    • "Popular" means these are the SP-Studio items which get the most clicks. It does not mean they have to be actually used in the final pictures (I cannot count this).
    • Items with custom colors still count as one item.

    On May 15th I will post the results and we will see who is the best guesser. :)