• I think it's better to go in time when you do not have the health anymore to do a proper job. No matter what job it is. Though I never liked Benedict this is a good move. Remember John Paul II's last weeks? He was not able to work anymore, so why did he stay? A dying man should have peace instead of duties. You cannot say he actually was "fullfilling his duties", because he just kept the title and others did his job when he was to ill too continue. No country or company would want a leader like that.

    But well... I don't really care about the whole stuff because I am no friend of the church. Another pope will come and nothing will change.

  • The Pope retired 2 days ago after a threat from the Italian Mafia. There was a Findus lasagne found in his bed. ;)

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It's just that yours is stupid.

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