Characters from Sci-Fi movies: Riddick, Aliens... Anyone up?

  • Hey, there! I'm a long time South Park addict and I love watching creation or let's call it conversion from movie character to South Park style.I would really love to see some good "conversions from these 2 movies specially, but I'm not really sure if this is the right procedure. I'm new here. Registered like 30 minutes ago top... Should I even been starting this little contest?! Anyways. If anyone wants to jump in... The characters I would really love to see converted in South Park version are: Riddick (His glasses exist here, but I couldn'recreate those weird eyes), Vaako (His enemy), if possible Sigourney Weaver at aliens inside one of those carriers (this one can be pretty hard, I guess), and a giant from the movie Prometheus... What do you think about it?! Don't need to do all of them of course. I'll try some of them tomorrow... Hope I have some good developments by then... ;). Give me your feedback, guys! Be creative and have fun with it!;) :artist::pc:

  • Welcome to SP-Studio. Every month Janina, our Administrator helds picture contests at the gallery. There was a contest about Sci-Fi movies, and one about aliens in general, there are many fantastic pictures, including many "Aliens" related pics:

    And Sexyshane has even made an AvP pic:

    So there's no need to make a forum contest, you can propose an idea for a contest theme here:…php?f=4&t=79&p=8350#p8350

    Also, this is a subforum for posting your SP-Studio pics, edited in third party programs, like paint. I will move it somewhere else.

  • Awsome! Thanks for helping me. I´m having some trouble adapting to the Forum... Already made my version from Riddick, but I don´t know how to upload it... I´ll figure it out... ;)

  • You need an user's gallery to upload your pics, to gain it, you need to enter a contest (Janina should start one soon), and end up in top five. Or you can upload your pictures on Imageshack, or other site like that, and then link them here, I'll change the name of the topic so you can upload all your edited pics here. Oh, and one more thing: only non-edited pictures are allowed in contest.

    If you have more questions, feel free to ask.

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