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    Hey, there! I'm a long time South Park addict and I love watching creation or let's call it conversion from movie character to South Park style.I would really love to see some good "conversions from these 2 movies specially, but I'm not really sure if this is the right procedure. I'm new here. Registered like 30 minutes ago top... Should I even been starting this little contest?! Anyways. If anyone wants to jump in... The characters I would really love to see converted in South Park version are: Riddick (His glasses exist here, but I couldn'recreate those weird eyes), Vaako (His enemy), if possible Sigourney Weaver at aliens inside one of those carriers (this one can be pretty hard, I guess), and a giant from the movie Prometheus... What do you think about it?! Don't need to do all of them of course. I'll try some of them tomorrow... Hope I have some good developments by then... ;). Give me your feedback, guys! Be creative and have fun with it!;) :artist::pc: