Graphic Novels!

  • I have just recently started reading graphic novels and I have to say, the ones that I have read have been great! :)
    So far I have read:

    Walking dead 1: days gone by (no, I didn't find out about them from the TV Show ;) )

    Walking dead 2: miles behind us

    Persepolis ( which I thoroughly enjoyed. The artwork is basic and simple and the story is told from a child's perspective so everything clicks in to place)

    V for Vendetta (haven't actually finished, but I'm about half way)

    Untouchables (bit bland, but hey ho, who doesn't love a good gangster flick or two :lol: )

    Gangster Jew ( or Jew gangster I can't remember :S )


    And some others that I can't remember. I was thinking about reading Watchmen or Sin City. Does anyone have any recommendations for others? Or would you like to share a graphic novel that you think was good?


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