And the Band played walzing Mathilda

  • This is my Tribute to Shawn MacGowan, former Lead-Singer and Front-Wreck of the fabulous Irish Folk Band "The Pogues", who unfortunately passed away last Year on 30th of November.


    "The Pogues" played traditional Irish folk enriched with elements of rock and punk. I was about 20 when I heard them for the first time. I instantly became a fan, and with 55, I still am. Their lyrics range from biting social criticism to witty drinking ballads, from the most heartbreaking tragedy to the silliest comedy of the human condition. Ultimately, however, it was Shawn's raspy, throaty voice that stood out and became the band's trademark. (And probably the main reason for their success.) Unfortunately, he also conformed a little too much to the cliché of the happy (or angry) Irishman who drinks too much, which not only made him a loose cannon for his record company, or made him look half dead, but possibly also caused his real Death at the age of 65. But I assume he lived several of theese Years more than Twice. Anyway, Excelsior

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