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    This is my Tribute to Shawn MacGowan, former Lead-Singer and Front-Wreck of the fabulous Irish Folk Band "The Pogues", who unfortunately passed away last Year on 30th of November.


    "The Pogues" played traditional Irish folk enriched with elements of rock and punk. I was about 20 when I heard them for the first time. I instantly became a fan, and with 55, I still am. Their lyrics range from biting social criticism to witty drinking ballads, from the most heartbreaking tragedy to the silliest comedy of the human condition. Ultimately, however, it was Shawn's raspy, throaty voice that stood out and became the band's trademark. (And probably the main reason for their success.) Unfortunately, he also conformed a little too much to the cliché of the happy (or angry) Irishman who drinks too much, which not only made him a loose cannon for his record company, or made him look half dead, but possibly also caused his real Death at the age of 65. But I assume he lived several of theese Years more than Twice. Anyway, Excelsior

    Hi Janina

    I would appreciate, that you face that burden again. Remember Kennedy, who once said:

    "We choose an extra winner and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills..." :D

    I think we both use a "Sh*tloads of items for Details", we just use it in a different way. But thanks again for the compliment :)

    And I owe you something for the idea to create new settings by combining different backgrounds.

    I did it several times now and especially in my new picture for the AI-Contest it was a very helpful

    tool to create an effect, that was impossible to work out with the usual items..

    Thank you very much Jareen.

    As I wrote above; I also love the creativity in your creations very much. You often take a great ironic approach and weave it in in several layers.

    And your "Danny" from "Shining" was so pointy, it was my only vote this time.

    Beeing recognizable by a specific style is a great compliment. I usualy use shi*loads of items for Details and I often try to tell a whole story in one picture.

    And just that would make "The Phantom..." a real challenge for me, cause I only watched the Lon Chaney-Version once.

    But time will tell, as you planted the seed yet.

    No no, You just spoke out, what others for sure thought as well. and you are right. There are always pics that deviate far away from the theme. But I did something like this once, too, when i created a cute Terminator for the "Kawaii-Contest". I posted it above.

    I regarded it as one of my best and saw me as the winner. But it´s very ironical in relation to the theme, and so maybe I missed the TOP5 because the voters thought, that it went to far from the requirement.

    Maybe it´s like the "Oscars". Even there, sometimes some Nominees not fitting the category at all, win the award. f.E. In 1998 Roberto Begnini won "Best Actor" for his silly and awkward overacting in "Life is beautyful". Another Nominee was Edward Norten for "American History X" Nuff said :]

    But I think,, ultimately it is up to Janina to decide how far the rules can be bend..

    Putting effort in it. I know,. Art... I know.

    Sometimes Art-work is really hard work,

    whilst creating a really smart work ;)

    (Quoted from a silly fart jerk) :D

    Sometimes I use shi*loads of items and still miss the spot. Then suddenly a spark of genius hits me on the forehead and i nail the topic with a few clicks.

    The simple ones are often the most well thought out. And therefore are often underestimated.

    Transporting a lot of expression and/or emotion with something that leaves the impression of beeing created effortless is the peak of art for me.

    I appreciate even your weaker ones, because they are at least always creative in the making,like using items in a way they are not meant for,or designing an unusual setting by using multiple backgrounds There are only a few here, that use this playground so creative like you or for example Jareen2..

    Excelsior :artist:

    Hi Art.

    First of all. I love your Art-Works (Pun intended) and I think they are always praiseworthy. I dont remember your "Child-Actor" yet, but im sure it was a well executed spitting image, that deserved to appear in the Top 5. Btw. for your creative designs almost every time :) .

    Regarding your "complaint". I understand your objection, and I would have prefered an actual character too. And I also worried about the votes several times.

    But when you bend the limits of the topic a bit further, a typical trope or stereotype can be legitimate too. And it was at least a creative idea.

    Remember; there wasnt much more than almost 10 Kevins and several characters from "Stranger Things" or "Harry Potter".

    And in the end counts as the romans used to say: "De gustibus non est disputandum." ;)

    Best wishes


    Hi Janina. I´m very happy, (and for sure also feel extremly honored) that you chose two of my best loved creations, Jack and Clint, each to make it into one of the headers. And by the way, congratulations to the other winners and good luck to all the other artists for the next contest. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: