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  • Welcome to my own collection of my works!

    I will be uploading some of my unedited pictures from this site, and hope you enjoy looking at the simple yet nice pictures.

    Take your time looking around.

  • My first ones are these concept costumes if some of the 4th graders of South Park were pilots of Voltron. The suits may not be accurate to the real ones, but the color schemes are the same.

    Stan pilots the Black Lion. The reason why I chose him to the leader, because if I used any of the other guys of the main gang like Kyle, Cartman, or Kenny, it would be a little confusing. Now the ones I mentioned, they are also a part of the Force except for Kenny which I never included.

    Craig pilots the Red Lion. What would Clyde say about this kid as a hero? He has no words. Neither anybody who's a close friend of Craig.

    Kyle pilots the Green Lion. It was supposed to be Ike who's going to pilot the third lion, but Mrs. Broflovski didn't want to put the baby into danger, especially in times when Kyle says "Kick the baby". So it's up to him to take the part.

    Pip pilots the Blue Lion. He had found the secret base where the five lion machines are hidden just in the outskirts of South Park when the five had found a 'castle' which led them to this discovery. There is a reason why I chose Pip is because he is like Sven who later got injured (or died) which leads the princess to take his place after he left. This is also the reason why I didn't put Kenny in this concept.

    Wendy pilots the Blue Lion after Pip gets killed in this story. She has no idea why Stan asked her to join him and the others to save the town from the Robeast. The other girls are depending on her because she's brave enough to save humanity and somehow strengthen their relationship with Stan since he gave the key to her.

    Cartman pilots the Yellow Lion. He wanted to be the leader because he's the ambitious one, but Pip said "Stanley has more courage to be the leader of this team, and you Eric don't have what it takes to be in command." He is very pissed off and wanted to leave the team. Instead, Kyle stopped him and told to stay because the robot needs five pilots to control it.

    The next set of images are made by me.

    And lastly, pictures based on the characters I made for the fan fiction based on a Filipino-Made paper/cardboard toy called Foldabots. Some of them are very familiar, but I didn't include the Foldabots, Lutabots, or even Lu-Sho in this set.

    That's all for now...
    Feel free to give me some ideas of your own so I can make up something new...

  • Happy Cirno Day!

    And of course...

    It may not look very close to the actual Touhou character, sadly I always wanted to wish for ice wings and a proper hair bow than the one I used.

  • Did Southpark ever do an episode with Voltron? (i think they did but been so many cartoons)
    I like the colors for the last picture. Got the icy feel nice enough without the wings.