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    I now know 17 different people from a great variety of places, all with different isp's, different operating systems etc, who all can't bear with what has happened with the site. We don't all have malware, viruses, c'mon, the site doesn't function for lots of people anymore. We all miss it, it used to be fun. I wish you would address what is happening. You might get paid again/more if you could just bother to fix it. I used to love it here so much but it's become unusable. Understand that I have no other trouble online, no other computer problems, neither does anyone else, you have glitches bad on the site. Please fix the messed up SP Studio site. Thank you

    Hello, I have been trying for months to tell someone here that this site no longer functions for a lot of people I know all over the world...different computers, ISPs, operating systems, etc. It's not us, it's the site. There are Many pop ups, freezing issues, entire images disappearing at any time but mainly trying to make a picture here now is so incredibly slow and painful it's not worth trying. It became so impossibly bad that I felt I had to withdraw my financial support a while ago which made me very sad, I'm sorry, I was so happy to contribute to this site but I finally felt I could no longer pay to sponsor an unusable site. Tonight I attempted to make a special anniversary picture for my husband and after an agonizing 45 minutes trying to make something it went "poof", common, just went away, that happens all the time for so many of us. This place is so bad that it's taken me yet another 45 minutes to get this text box to accept what I'm typing. Again, I have talked to so many people from all over who are experiencing all the same issues, and we are sad about it, all of us. It used to be so fun here and I miss making my pics for friends, family and most of all my husband. I hope you can figure out the problems and restore the site to it's former, useable condition. Otherwise, lots of us are gone. I'd gladly contribute again if the problems get solved. Good luck Janina