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    I have seen so many walkthrough's of this awesome game (if you disagree, I don't mind if you don't like the game, just don't keep going on about it) and I have always wanted to play it!!!!! Just I don't have the console you need to play on it :drop::wall::wall::thumbdown::sigh::sigh:
    And I was wondering, which console should I play it on? I want to have a great experience with this game so either play station 3 or play station 4? Which one do you think is best to play on? I'm hoping to get the console somehow.....

    Does anyone, know if any of your shows you loved or use to watch as a child cancelled? I give you guys mine.....uh I think Law and Order has been cancelled, I use to watch when I was young, at an age I wasn't suppose to watch it. Use to stay up at night to get to watch it, hope my parents won't come down and see me.
    Another I think is gone is Andy Pandy. Now why the hell is that gone!?!! I loved Andy Pandy! :] And ow its gone, I wonder if I can get the episodes on dvd? Hmmmm......... :???::drop::huffy: Still I can't believe its gone.

    My favourite book has to be The Traitor Game by B.R Collins. I just love the friendship towards these two, like in the name one of them is a traitor(or are they? *wink wink*) and the friendship is scattered around and it is just amazing! LOVE IT SO BADLY NEED IT FOREVER!!!!!!
    Another book I love is The Bunker Dairy by Kevin Brooks. This book is brilliant and I love it so much, so much tension and the ending is to die for, you can literally die when the book is over. Like OMG....another book I need in my possession! :love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love:

    Hiya Giddy here (or Gids for short),
    I'm new to this website, but not new to South Park. Had watched it when I was very young, and my favourite character out of it is Kenny. You Bastards! You guys killed Kenny!! :huffy: I may add Twitch to my favourites as well, though I hardly see him very much in it, but I think he's so funny.
    So about me right? Okay, well I am a college student. So I have no idea if I be on all the time, but if there's a character I made up and I wanna see them in South Park mode, I get it done.
    Though too be honest, have no idea how to show my images I done so far, anyone help me with that? :???::drop:
    I also love making my own characters and their own stories or who they are and how they became like they are now, everything to the last detail. I love it so much. I guess that's one of the reasons why I write stories. :pc: The other reasons is that my imagination doesn't EVER stop. Even my creepy dreams allow me to catch on long enough, so I have something to write about. Plus I love books. So to see one of my own stories go on the shelve would be fantastic! Only problem I'm having with it is that I can never many any short stories, they're always so LONG! :wall:
    I guess that's enough for now, unless anyone has any questions about me?
    And someone show me how to out up images on here!