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    Let me tell you about homestuck.

    Homestuck is a webcomic by Andrew Hussie praise his name and it is amazing. It has a complex, confusing, and absurd plot, not to mention a fuckload of pages, but it is incredibly witty and the characters are all distinctly well developed.

    For those of you who ARE into Homestuck, here's some questions I have;

    Favorite kid character (pre or post scratch)?
    Jake English XD

    Favorite troll character?
    Vriska <33333333
    (a close second is Equius <3)

    Patron troll?

    Favorite flushed ship?
    Vriska X Equius!

    Favorite caliginous ship?
    Nepeta X Eridan :P

    Favorite ashen ship?
    Sollux between Karkat and Equius

    Favorite pale ship?
    Equius X Nepeta

    Favorite crack ship?
    Gamzee X Roxy

    Ever written a fanfic?
    Yes. Tons.

    Drawn/made fanart?
    A considerable amount.

    Attended a Homestuck meetup?
    Quite a few of them

    Cosplayed an HS character? If so, who, and are you planning any more?
    Yes, Terezi, Equius, and their theoretical hate child. And yes, I'm almost done with Mindfang and I plan to do Aradia after that.

    Favorite page in the comic?
    Karkat's mental breakdown XD

    Yep that's all I have to say...

    In the introduction, that is. :P

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    Welcome back! Try tobe a bit more... politer in the future, though ;)

    Hmm. You referring to my use of the term 'assholes'? It was kind of a... sarcastic/light use of the word. I wasn't specifically saying anyone was an asshole... THAT is mean.

    But really I'll try my best to be nice here. I'm a pretty easy going person when it comes to talking on the internet (no I will not give anyone my phone number XD)

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    I saw the title and immediately thought "I like this guy...".

    Welcome to the forum, asshole!

    (in a friendly way...)

    Haha thanks (:

    Oh and in response to the 'genderqueer' thing... it's fine, most people don't know what it is. I'll gladly explain.

    Genderqueer essentially means I don't identify as a guy or a girl, and is often confused with androgynous, which means someone who presents themselves as both guy AND girl. It's kind of like trans, only instead of feeling like the "other" gender that doesn't correspond with a person's sex (yes I am saying sex and gender are different), genderqueer is like, I don't identify with either gender.

    Hey sup. I have a name, but for now let's pretend that name is Rowan. MY REAL NAME WILL REMAIN A SECRET. (muahaha). I [used to] have an account here (GuineaPirate23) but for whatever reason I can't access it.

    Anyway yeah. Obviously I'm a huge fan of South Park, though I'm not as obsessed as I used to be. I'm also a huge fan of homestuck, I write a lot of fanfics about it. My favorite characters are Vriska, Equius, Jake, and Terezi (I love all the kids and trolls, but those four are my favorites). Another one of my main interests is music. My favorite bands at the moment are porcupine tree and tool (hence my username), but I'm into a huge variety of music, my favorite genres are prog metal, punk, and grunge. I can't stand most country, pop, dub step, or rap music. I won't obnoxiously bash the opinions of others, I mean if you like stuff that I don't it's not my problem... it's not even a problem.

    Also I'm genderqueer and I prefer 'they' and 'them' pronouns if you can manage. If you bug me about this I'm just going to ignore you.

    So yeah hi everyone. What's up?