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    Here's a very well done, 13 minute featurette on The Dark Knight Rises. It doesn't really spoil anything. I say that becasue, like the trailers/tv spots, it adds 4-5 seconds of new footage, but you still have no fuckin' clue what's going on.


    God damn it I'm too hyped.

    Shit, I need to get my tickets booked this week.

    I enjoyed it, but it was rather unnecessary. Silk Spectre I & II's actresses were awful, but Rorschach, Comedian, Nite Owl II and Doctor Manhattan were spot on. The visual effects and the action scenes were great and even Zack Snyder's slow-mo shit that I hate in every other film seemed to work in Watchmen. I see why they changed the ending, but it creates a few plot holes. I also had a problem with the prison fight scene, the film had a great soundtrack consisting entirely of songs from the '60s to the '80s, but for that scene they just used a generic Rock-Techno track that seemed so out of place with the rest.

    The main gripe I have about it is it seems to just be a story about the "Watchmen" (that really irks me that the group actually calls themselves the Watchmen, considering the word can never be seen in full for the entire book, bar the covers), rather than what it should be: A deconstruction of the superhero genre, which Zack Snyder didn't seem to get, and just turned it into a normal superhero action flick.

    That said, the opening credits brought a tear to my eye since Watchmen is my all time favourite comic (I'm reading through it again right now), it was absolutely beautiful.

    Superman (1978)

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    Thats an awesome costume, man. Especially the cane, that looks perfect! By the way, is that the same bowler hat you used for your Alex DeLarge costume?

    Thanks. And yes, I reused both the bowler hat and the cane from that costume, I just replaced the top of the cane with the question mark made out of a block of foam, covered it in a mixture of pva glue and water and then spraypainted it gold.

    For the hat, I replaced the black ribbon with a gold one and cut out a felt question mark, then I just stuck it on (rather shoddily) with some velcro strips.

    I just realised how blue-ish the jacket looks in that photo. It's actually much greener in real life.

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    That's rad, man. My brother met Jim Lee about 9-10 years ago, (I fell asleep waiting in line :facepalm: ). And last year, my dad and I walked by Stan Lee sitting down getting ready to do a signing, and that was awesome. It was a total, "Holy shit, that's Stan Lee!" moment. In hindsight, I wish I had jumped in line to meet him. I just watched Morgan Spurlock's Comic Con documentary, Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope and seeing Stan Lee mingle with everyone was really cool. God I'll be sad when he dies...

    Stan Lee will never die. He's a time lord, hence why he keeps popping up in all those Marvel movies.

    No worries, common mistake.

    Anyways, the con was absolutely incredible. I had an absolute blast. Grant Morrison actually insisted on signing comics instead of just his book and chatted to everyone who got something signed. I wish word hadn't been let out that he was only signing his book as I'd have liked to get Vol. 1 of Batman & Robin signed by him and Frank Quitely (although I did get it signed by Frank on the Sunday, so it's all good). Luckily I bought some of his comics before his surprise comic signing, so I got Animal Man Issues #7 and #8 signed as well as getting the All-Star Superman TPB signed by him and Quitely. All the people there were nice as hell, I'm definitely going back next year.

    ANYWAYS, on to a picture:
    [Blocked Image:]

    I wish I had one with me wearing the mask, but the spirit gum didn't hold it to my face too well and it fell off after the cosplay competition.

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    That's really cool, man. Is the Glasgow Comic Con a big one in England? I always go to the Baltimore Comic Con every year, but it's no where near as big as the San Diego Comic Con.

    Glasgow isn't in England :lol: , but considering that Scotland doesn't normally have this kind of event, it's pretty popular. Don't take my word for it though, this is my first time.

    The guests are pretty well known within the comics industry this year: Frank Quitely (Artist for All-Star Superman, Batman & Robin #1-3, The Walking Dead and many others), Jim Starlin (Creator of Thanos, Wrote The Infinity Gauntlet and A Death in the Family), John Wagner (Creator of Judge Dredd), Grant Morrison (Do I even need to tell you what he's written?) and loads of other guests, so I'd say it's a pretty big event.

    It's a shame Grant Morrison's only signing his new (pretentious) book "Supergods" and no comics. I'd kill to get
    his run on Animal Man from the '80s signed, that's like my favourite comic book ever made. Getting both him and Quitely to sign Batman & Robin Volume 1 would have been pretty sweet too.

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    to get an title like "king of pop" the artist should do popmusik. this what Bieber produser should better be called a flop.

    How does Bieber not make Pop music? He's pretty much become the definition of Pop music in the last few years.

    Anyways, something that's always pissed me off?

    Reddit and the use of memes fucking EVERYWHERE.

    I think that pretty much sums up my feelings about the website and widespread internet memes in a depressing yet hilarious manner.

    Fuck memes.

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    What an asshole. Imagine how many people he could bring to this site if he took 2 seconds to gave Janina a little recognition.
    Thanks Caribou/Jables...

    To point out a silver lining: The forum would be better off without Fred fans.

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    That sounds awesome, I don't know who I'll be going as when seeing TDKR, I was thinking about The Joker, but you know.. I don't want to look like everyone there. :P I know my friend is probably going as Joker though.. I was also thinking about Scarecrow.. I was actually planning on going as scarecrow when I saw TDK, but I never got around to make the mask. I'll might try it this year. Strange how barely anyone comes as Batman. :lol:

    Go for the Animated Series redesign look. That shit's scary.
    [Blocked Image:]

    That's awesome, man.

    Yeah, I love putting a lot of detail into costumes and making it completely accurate. I'm going to see The Dark Knight Rises when it comes out cosplaying as The Riddler. 2 of my friends are coming and dressing up as Bane and Scarecrow. I'll totally get some pics up here when it's ready.