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    Superman is my favourite superhero, if you couldn't already tell. There's a part of him that just intrigues me, and that's the idea that even though he's from another planet, he's probably the most human Superhero out there, he just happens to have superpowers.

    Anyway, I'm excited for Man of Steel. I've seen the Comic-con footage, and it looks absolutely amazing.

    Oh, I was going to say that the time it was released makes it marginally cooler, but I decided on just talking about the song itself instead of focusing on other details. I went in as someone in the modern age listening to them blindly for the first time without knowing shit about them. Thanks for the info man, I'll definitely check out more of their stuff.

    And I agree, they're totally punk as fuck.

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    Oh man, that's awesome. Never heard those guys before but I'll definitely be checking out more. I'm a sucker for voices like hers, and the song's just as catchy as sin. 8.5/10.

    I'll admit, I only found out about them because the singer is my favourite character's voice actress in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (god, there's no way of saying that in a way that doesn't make me sound like a raging homo). It's definitely my favourite song by them and never fails to cheer me up, especially the bit where the guitarist and bassist are just naming different dances in the background. "Slow..." "DANCE!" "Square..." "DANCE!" "High School..." "DANCE!" "So you think you..." "CAN DANCE!". I really hope they come to the UK at some point.

    The beeping during the riff was rather irritating, but you get used to it. That said, the riff is fucking awesome and I love the energy and charisma of the vocalist, I have a thing for somewhat gravelly voices.
    There's a sweet little organ slam bit at around 50 seconds in and the vocalist just responds with "NO I DON'T LIKE THAT" or something. That was pretty cool, and it does for some reason make me wonder if they influenced Barrett-era Floyd at all, it just gives me that vibe.
    That was actually my first time listening to the Monks. Needless to say, I'm impressed. I give it a solid 7/10.

    Hey Ocean! - Make a New Dance Up

    To be fair, I wouldn't consider Patrick Bateman or Alex DeLarge to be movie villains. Alex is the protagonist of his story and I have no idea what Bateman is, besides entertaining as hell.

    For me, personally, it would be Bane. First movie villain I was genuinely scared shitless of just because of how ruthless he is.

    A Justice League movie is in the works already. I think they're going down the Avengers route, starting with Man of Steel (which looks great).

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    Haha. It was shock, man. Pure shock. :lol:

    Definitely going to see it again.

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    The Dark Knight Rises...The perfect end, to the perfect trilogy.
    I really don't know where to start. I've been in shock since about Friday, July 20th, 9:45pm est. It was a flawless end, and I'll fight to the death deffending that...

    Haha, I know what you mean man. I was actually thinking that we both had the same reaction, since neither of us had anything to post.

    That said:

    Oh, almost forgot:

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    That's practically what my brother, dad, and I said watching the horrid early morning news coverage. It's really disgusting, man. It's as if they want people to belive the only "terrorists" are brown people going, "Alahalahalahalah!" so they can try to justify saying they fight the "War on Terror". As if that's even gramatically or physically possible. :nono:
    Also, there have been reports that James Holmes was dressed as The Joker, according to New York City Police Commissioner Kelly, because he had his hair painted red. "Nerd Point: The Joker's hair is green, not red."

    About the whole "Joker" thing. The media seem to be trying to force blame on movies and comic books (they even brought up 'violent video games' as a cause. I thought that argument died years ago.) for him just being a total psychopath. A newspaper around here is directly accusing a scene in The Dark Knight Returns (the scene where a guy shoots up a porn theatre because of Led Zeppelin) for the massacre.

    This movie - and even Batman as a pop culture icon in general - might forever be associated with this incident, which is a shame because it's a damn good movie.

    There's a disappointing amount of pie charts in this thread.

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    Like how we can now see that you are clearly the Person Most Overdue For A Win. ;)

    Oh, ADePALMA should definitely win this contest (not because it's overdue, but because his entry is the absolute best in the contest imo). That makes me really upset that I got to first place before him, considering how little contests I've actually entered.

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    Hey, that's funny that you put that because I hate Facebook. :P (And Twitter)

    I only use facebook for keeping in touch with people and (in rare occurrences) getting gigs. But the dickfuckery that goes on there is fucking annoying as shit, man.