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    Right, let's all have a musical wankfest and show everyone what we can do.

    Basically just use this thread to post videos or audio files of you playing whether it be on your own, in a band, or just humming out loud to yourself. Critiques and compliments from other members are always encouraged.

    I'll start off with a cover of Jonathan Coulton's 'Tom Cruise Crazy' recorded hastily on a bad USB mic with a slightly out of tune guitar. Fuck ups are mandatory for me as I forgot the chords a couple of times. Also my voice has been rather strained for the past day. Click.

    Quote from Jetpack-guy

    marvel recently said they are a S.H.I.E.L.D tv show

    I think the show's supposed to be set pre-Avengers, so he doesn't "live" per se, but it'll be nice to see him in action again.

    Quote from Wade Zabel

    This. (if you cant watch it, good.) This makes unborn babies cry. She's such trash, if you get a dictionary and look up 'trash', her face wont be there. Why? The dictionary would be thrown away if it did. Seriously, the drunk child of Nicki Minaj and Kesha (two girls can make a baby in this example) with brain damage would rap better.

    Closed the tab as soon as I saw the title. It irks me whenever I see people try and integrate internet acronyms into real life. Same goes for "memes".

    Not as horrible as the New 52 costume though. And at least this is trying to disassociate itself with the Reeve movies and that boring as hell Superman Returns movie. Oh, and Snyder is actually a pretty good choice for directing a Superman movie, he's great with visual effects. Still, I do miss the red undies.

    I just hope they don't try and make it realistic considering Chris Nolan is the writer and producer, realism and Superman is something that should never mix.

    Kneel before Zod.
    "Why so serious" lost its impact after TDK came out and The Joker was absolutely everywhere.

    (also I think a lot of you still don't understand this game)

    Quote from Till

    Uhm, guys sorry I originally meant you should ask here what the other one would prefer to do or what he would prefer to happen to him. I guess a better title would have been "The what-would-you-prefer-happening-to-you-game"
    Im sorry... I don't want to start several thousands of bordgames, but this would better fit in a "what do you like more game" or ask it in the Introduction game.

    You have the option to ban one musician way past his prime from performing ever again, who would you prefer to stop: Paul McCartney or Elton John?

    Uh, my avatar and signature are from All-Star Superman, one of the best comics I have ever read. Highly recommended. It's what got me into Superman.

    I tend to change my signature every month though, so they'll probably be replaced when I get bored or something.

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    For fuck's sake. Three members of Pussy Riot got two years in jail each for basically hurting some people's feelings. :nono:

    Judge Marina Syrova convicted the women of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred, saying they had "crudely undermined social order".

    That's absolutely hilarious yet also really depressing. Jesus.

    I'd rather not mess with Baby Hitler, because stuff to do with WWII would probably prevent my grandparents meeting, therefore preventing my birth which results in me not having the time machine to kill Hitler and so on and so forth. So basically killing Hitler would have probably broken time.

    I would, however, go into the future to see if there's a cancer cure yet and give it to Bill Hicks and George Harrison.

    Oh, and I'd probably go and scare the shit out of my 7-year old self for laughs.

    Dead parents or a destroyed home planet?

    Quote from ADePALMA1251

    Here are the big four...
    -Batman: Year One (Best origin story ;) )
    -Batman: The Long Halloween (The sequel, Batman: Dark Victory is excellent as well.)
    -Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
    -Batman: The Killing Joke

    These are all good starting points, but The Long Halloween is the only really long book, so it's much better for travelling/holidays.

    And A Death in the Family is actually a pretty below-average book. It's only really remembered for the death of Jason Todd rather than the actual story. Some really stupid shit happens in it.

    You could always go non-Batman. All-Star Superman is a really, really good book and is also pretty long, then there's Watchmen which is pretty much a must-have for anyone wanting to see what comic books are capable of and is around the same length as The Long Halloween. Oh, and V for Vendetta kicks a lot of ass too.